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Hydrating skin starts with cleansing

Hydrating skin starts with cleansing


Hydrating skin starts with cleansing

Many people feel that the skin will be dry and tight after washing their face. How can it be clean and moisturizing?

In fact, as long as you wash your face with your head and choose a moisturizing cleansing product that has a moisturizing effect, you can wash out moist skin!

  The correct way to wash your face in autumn and winter ——– A, you must wash your hands before washing your face. Dirty hands will have bacteria, which will easily cause skin problems.

After cleansing your hands, take the facial cleanser with your hands until it foams, then apply it to your face.

  B, absorb the foam evenly and gently push it away. If the oily part is more massaged 2?
3 times, as for the dry part, just take it lightly.

Remember, the facial cleanser stays in Bell for no more than 1 minute.

  C. Rinse constantly with water.

If you find it still oily after washing, please repeat the above steps once.

  Facial cleansing areas: around the eyes: lack of oily sebum, very fragile, especially in autumn and winter, it is easier to dry, wash once a day and break.

  Both sides of the nose: easy to get dirty, and strong oil secretion. If people with dehydrated oily skin are even more prone to oil in autumn and winter, they should be washed carefully.

  People all around: In places where dirt and dirt are hidden, as time goes by, the cutin of the skin is most likely to accumulate in these places, and it cannot be ignored when cleaning.

  Jaw: Boundary of face and neck!

Many people will ignore this part. In fact, our scarves and turtleneck sweaters can easily cause dirt on the lower jaw, so don’t forget to wash it.

  T-shaped part: The place where the sebum line is most densely secreted, the most greasy part of the face.

Don’t think that it will not produce oil in dry weather. We will apply a lot of skin care products to moisturize the skin in autumn and winter. As a result, these places with dense sebum lines will produce oil because of the replacement of pores, so pay attention to washing a few times!!

  Chin: It ‘s also a lot of oily parts. If you do n’t clean it well, acne will come out one day and tell you how are you!

  Moisturizing and washing your face has some great tricks: 1. Before cleaning, around your eyes, apply chin on your chin. If you are unfortunately desert muscle, then do n’t obstruct your chin on your face before washing your face. Do n’t think it ‘s incredible.Take away more oil.

  2. When cleaning, avoid pulling around the corners of the eyes. The thickness of the stratum corneum is like a boiled egg film. Pulling a little will produce fine lines. It takes two days to recover the sebum, especially for dry skin.Rub it.
  3. When removing makeup, reduce friction to make the skin more moisturizing. When removing makeup, vertical tapping will not cause skin irritation, but if the amount of makeup remover is insufficient, the fingers will rub directly against the skin, making the skin more dry.

So be sure to reduce friction and improve skin moisturization.

  Easy to use cleansing product recommendation: 125 Magnolia Oil Magnolia Oil Renewing Facial Cleansing Milk Reference Price: RMB95 / 125g Recommended Reason: Contains amino-peptide complex, combined with energetic oxygen cleansing technology, starting from cleaning, helping to quickly renew the natural surface cells of skin;The skin’s surface cells are naturally renewed from the beginning of cleansing, giving you new, smooth skin.

  FANCL Foam Cleansing Flour Reference Price: RMB145 / 50g Recommended Reason: Natural cleansing ingredients, without chemical cleansing agent SLS, strong cleansing power and mild nature, not astringent.

The foam is rich and smooth, and it can completely remove the dirt, sweat, and oil in the pores without damaging the skin’s natural protective film.

Keeps skin clean, silky and never taut after use; and makes skin easier to absorb beauty.

It is a weak acid with the same pH value as the skin, which restores the skin to its most healthy state.

  Kose Sekkisei Whitening Cleansing Powder Reference Price: RMB280 / 100g Recommended Reasons: Effectively remove wastes from melanin-containing aging cutin and metabolism and thoroughly wash them, creating bright and pure white skin.

Adding a new phospholipid polymer with outstanding affinity to the skin, this superior ingredient can continue to keep on the skin and form a moisturizing film after washing the face. It can also moisturize while cleaning, and care for the skin at all times.Keep it silky and delicate for a long time.

  Lancome Lancome Smart Whitening Cleansing Foam Reference Price: RMB350 / 125ml Recommended reason: Gentle cleansing of impurities and makeup on the face, this step of whitening the skin.

Use daily to keep skin clear and translucent.

In 2007, LANCOME proudly announced the launch of a new generation of smart and pleasant whitening products, bringing unprecedented whitening power.

Thanks to the newly added high-efficiency ingredient-EllagicAcid residual flower acid extracted from the natural plant Tara, the Smart Pleasure White series products can effectively eliminate stains and make all women more transparent.