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Ten-style thin face is thin and small V face

Ten-style thin face is thin and small V face


Ten-style thin face is thin and small V face

We all know that high-temperature bathing is a good way to lose weight, and the same high-temperature bathing can also be thin.

You can sit in the bathtub at a water temperature of 38 掳 C every day, soak the bath for about 20 minutes, and massage the face with a face cream.

銆€銆€The first type: the canine tongue.

銆€銆€Keep this position for one minute and have the effect of relaxing the tongue; the second type: flying eyes.

銆€銆€Quickly shake the eyeball, have the effect of preventing skin aging; the third type: fish mouth magic.

銆€銆€Be sure to laugh at the fish mouth; the fourth type: fecal force (the first step of the lion).

銆€銆€Inhale, clench your fists and twist your facial muscles.

It feels similar to constipation; the fifth type: Roaring Spirit (The second step of the Lions).

銆€銆€Exhale vigorously, pull out your tongue, agitate your eyes, and relax your fists. Sixth style: Fisheye.

銆€銆€With his eyes wide open, the sound is fine, and the line of sight is fixed at the front.

Keep 5?
10 seconds, do four cycles; seventh style: help the gods.

銆€銆€The mouth is suffocating, making a small trumpet shape; the eighth type: blowing the magic.

銆€銆€Has the effect of firming the lips; the ninth style: saliva.

銆€銆€Looking up at the top, the tip of the tongue against the mouth of the mouth, swallowing water.

Repeat and move to the right to swallow.

Also reinvented the effect of the chin; tenth style: Buddha’s magic.

銆€銆€Close your eyes, relax, pay attention to the eyebrows, do the Buddha meditation, keep it for more than a minute.