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[Can a two-year-old baby drink soy milk?

[Can a two-year-old baby drink soy milk?

】 _Infant_Can you drink

[Can a two-year-old baby drink soy milk?
】 _Infant_Can you drink

People usually eat all kinds of soy products. In addition to everyone’s previous tofu, soy milk is also a soy product drink. This drink has a long history in China. It is still very popular today, and it is also popularYou can drink soy milk. Drinking soy milk can supplement rich plant protein, and it can also supplement phospholipids. Can a two-year-old baby drink soy milk?

Can two-year-olds drink soy milk?
Toddlers after the age of one can drink soy milk.

Soymilk consumes the trace amounts and protein required by the human body. Children often take a lot of benefits, but they should also avoid drinking too much at one time to avoid protein allergies.

Soy milk is a nutritious food. Children often drink soy milk and it is good for health and development.

But pay attention to the following points when drinking soy milk: (1) the soy milk must be cooked, because the soy milk contains trypsin inhibitors, if not cooked, it will bring adverse health effects.

(2) Do not use soymilk to wash eggs. The viscous proteins in eggs are easily combined with the plasma protease in soymilk and are not easily digested and absorbed by the body.

(3) Do not put brown sugar in soy milk. Organic acids in brown sugar can be combined with proteins in soy milk to produce denatured precipitates.

(4) Do not store soy milk in a thermos bottle to avoid deterioration.

(5) Soy milk should be consumed in moderation. If you drink too much at one time, it will cause indigestion.

Nutritional characteristics of soy milk 1. Soy milk is suitable for babies who eat too much milk instead of milk: Too much milk is more healthy for babies than drinking milk because soy glycemic index is 15% and milk is 30%.

However, if the baby is growing, the demand for adults is still very large, it is not recommended to use milk instead of milk for the baby, it is best to drink milk, soy milk.

2. Soy milk is suitable for lactose-allergic babies: Milk contains lactose. 70% of Asian yellow people do not absorb lactose, while soy milk contains oligosaccharides, which are 100% absorbed by the body.

3. Soymilk can enhance the baby’s resistance: Soymilk is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, soya soap, lecithin and dozens of other substances that are good for the human body. These substances have the function of enhancing the baby’s immunity. In addition, soymilk containsAn anticancer substance.

4. Soymilk cannot completely replace milk: Soymilk is similar to milk protein in quality, iron is 5 times as milk, and unfortunately less than 30% of milk, calcium is only 20% of milk, and phosphorus is about 25% of milk.

So it is not appropriate to use it directly instead of milk can baby.