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Winter frostbite prevention and treatment

锘? Winter frostbite prevention and treatment Frostbite occurs mostly in winter, but prevention should start from the end of autumn, the sooner the prevention effect is better, such as frostbite has occurred, often missed the best treatment opportunity. 銆€銆€Frostbite is not a serious illness, but most people have uncomfortable itching. In severe cases, blisters or […]

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From now on, raising the heart is health care.

锘? From now on, raising the “heart” is health care. Speaking of the secret of longevity, every old man will be different, but they are inseparable from a healthy mentality. The old man of O’Lingham pointed out that doing a good job, understanding his own shortcomings and limits is one of the ways to keep […]

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Share white-collar exercise gym skills to keep you motivated The head of the head tilts down to the bottom, then stretches back and stops for a moment, which is called a bit of acidity to turn to the cross-care. If the two hands are crossed and hugged forward, and the head and neck are forced […]

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