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Causes and Relief Measures of Babies Drinking Milk

Causes and Relief Measures of Babies Drinking Milk

Causes and Relief Measures of Babies Drinking Milk

Many new parents are nervous and have no way to snoring. In fact, snoring is a common symptom. As long as some simple measures are taken, the snoring phenomenon will soon disappear.

So how did snoring happen?

How to properly handle baby snoring?

  Hiccup, commonly known as snoring.

How does snoring happen?
It turned out that when the human phrenic nerve or vagus nerve is stimulated, it will reflexively drive the diaphragm to produce intermittent contraction movements, change the sudden inhalation of air into the respiratory tract, and at the same time, because the vocal cords suddenly close, a special short and loudSnoring.

In daily life, babies may be snoring after feeding too fast, swallowing air, resuscitating cold air, or crying.

  The baby occasionally snores several times and usually can stop by itself without treatment.

Earlier snoring can be achieved by transferring and distracting the child’s attention. It can also allow the baby to inhale an appropriate amount of carbon dioxide, that is, make a paper bag to cover the child’s nose and nose, and let the child repeatedly recover the carbon dioxide exhaled in the paper bag.Play a role in suppressing snoring, but pay attention to this, take off the paper cover several times in this way, do not cover the nose and mouth for too long.

For long-term snoring, you can use some drugs to control under the guidance of a doctor.

  6 tricks to prevent snoring of the baby: Since the newborn’s neurodevelopment is not yet mature, snoring will often occur, resulting in not being sick. Don’t worry too much, panic and treatment, usually after a few days, the baby will naturally grow upImprovements generally do not cause effects and sequelae.


If the snoring and milk overflow caused by “gastric esophageal reflux”, you can let the baby stand upright on the adult’s shoulders to exhaust after feeding, and do not let them lie down for half an hour. After 4 months, you can add rice or wheat flourTo increase the consistency of milk and prevent snoring.


If your baby is snoring because of allergy to milk protein, use a special formula as directed by your doctor.


Feed your baby usually in a quiet state and environment. Never breastfeed when your baby is overheating and crying too much.


The feeding position should be correct, and avoid eating too fast, too fast, too cold, or too hot when eating.


Toys or soft music can be used to divert babies when they are snoring and attract their attention to reduce the frequency of snoring.


Let your baby take a break in the middle of drinking milk, let your baby stand upright on your legs, and gently pat his back to exhaust, avoiding snoring after you are full.