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[How to make a torn cake is crispy and soft?

[How to make a torn cake is crispy and soft?

】 _How to do_Homely

[How to make a torn cake is crispy and soft?
】 _How to do_Homely

Finger cakes and tear cakes look similar. They are not strictly the same food in the strict sense.

Sometimes when we eat torn cakes, we find that they are not as crispy and soft as grasping cakes. What is the reason?

In fact, this is mainly a matter of manufacturing technology. So, how to make a hand tear cake is crispy and soft?

If you master the following methods, you will be able to make delicious hand tear cakes.

Method / steps Hot noodles and hot noodles (You can also boil the noodles with boiling water, then add cold water and noodles), water starts to add, stir chopsticks clockwise to form snowflakes, noodles and to this thickness, if thinnerBetter, the baked cake is softer.

Rolling the first time: After waking up the dough and adding noodles, distribute the ingredients.

Roll the preparation into a circle, brush with oil, sprinkle with sesame salt and green onion.

Rolling the first time: The burrito circled and rolled the pie in one direction like a spring pie.

Spiral the rolled cake.

The first pass: rolling by hand to squeeze the round spiral dough, flatten it into a round cake.

The first pass is done.

Roll the cake a second time and close the rolled cake into a semi-circle.

With a semicircular edge, cut the blade with a knife.

Roll the cake after the first pass, brush the oil again, sprinkle with sesame salt, and sprinkle with green onions.

Brush well, sprinkle with sesame salt and green onion cake, close, and make a semi-circle.

With a semicircular edge, use a knife to cut the cylindrical shape of the semicircular surface embryo like a comb, spaced about a centimeter apart.

Open the embryo.

Roll up like a spring roll and brush with oil.

Roll up the dough and coil it into a spiral.

Flatten the spiral pasta with your hands and roll it into a round cake again.

After the pan 1 is hot, put the pan into the pan without putting any oil first.

After the cake is slightly shaped in the pan, turn it over and brush the oiled side with a brush.

2 Turn the cake over and brush with oil.

It is enough to brush each side with thin oil.

3 In the process of the soldering iron, adjust the fire appropriately.

After baking the cake, cut it open and pat it.

Tear it open and eat, the taste is crispy and tender inside.