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[Dizziness, what to eat-]_ how to eat _ how to eat

[Dizziness, what to eat-]_ how to eat _ how to eat

[Dizziness, what to eat?

】 _How to eat_How to eat

Dizziness is one of the more common diseases of the body and brain in real life. There are many reasons for dizziness. Generally, it is caused by anemia in the body, or a condition caused by long-term weakness of the body.Physical diseases and diseases are also likely to cause dizziness and dizziness, which can be improved through diet. You can usually eat foods that nourish qi and blood, such as red dates or black sesame.

What to eat when dizzy?

Drink a cup of red dates, wolfberry, longan tea every morning, drink for half a month, and the symptoms of dizziness slowly disappear.

Or use red dates, wolfberry, longan, eggs, brown sugar and eat together. The symptoms of dizziness have been significantly improved for one week.

If you do not want to use the above two methods, you can use motherwort, jujube and eggs to boil water and eat eggs, and you can see the effect after taking it continuously for one week.

Go to the pharmacy to buy Ejiao, and by the way, ask the medical staff to grind it into powder, and then drink 15 grams of 80 ml of warm water every day for half a month to a month.

Go to the market every morning to buy pork loin and porridge to eat for about 10 consecutive days, the symptoms of dizziness improved significantly.

Peanut kernel and black sesame are ground into powder, then put some sugar into black sesame and peanut powder and stir well. Use these powders to drink water every day. Drink several kinds of food continuously for about one month to reduce the symptoms of dizziness.

First, almonds, magnesium in almonds can relax blood vessels and prevent headaches. Studies have found that if you want to increase your magnesium intake, you can eat more cashew nuts, coarse rice, pods, almonds, dried apricots, bananas and other foods.

Second, watermelon, dehydration is the role of dizziness, watermelon itself contains excessive water, and at the same time can provide the body with magnesium and other important mineral elements, thereby preventing the role of dizziness.

Third, apples, apples contain a lot of substances that lower blood lipids, limit platelet aggregation, reduce vascular embolism, prevent atherosclerosis, can soften blood vessels, clear blood vessels, inject cerebral arteriosclerosis, vascular headache, and eat more after dizzinessThe above fruits.