More exercise is the key to longevity man!The six used to quickly develop (1)

  Health and longevity are a lot of people want to, but because of the accelerated pace of life, most modern people are more or less the existence of bad habits, especially male friends, life or public entertainment which always become obvious smoking, drinking, these will accelerate the aging。So you want to make their own health and longevity, it should get rid of some bad habits。
  Six men good habits to help longevity 1, less meat to eat less meat in order to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases。Eat less meat, especially red meat, can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease to 29%。
Red meat here generally refers to pork, beef, mutton, more saturated fat contained in the meat which, if you eat too much, cholesterol will be deposited in the walls of blood vessels and lead to atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases。  And long-term consumption of red meat and processed meat, will increase the risk of colorectal cancer and colon cancer。
So less meat and more vegetables is our pursuit of a healthy diet。
  2, drink less alcohol and less for the sake of our liver health。
We want to know, wine alcohol wine is the direct cause bodily harm, even if the alcohol content of beer is relatively low, but if a large number of drinking will lead to alcoholism。And drinking less alcohol compared to those who would not be happy without wine is concerned, the risk of liver disease can be reduced to 85%。  3, soon to sit on the prostate will be very soon take effect, because the sedentary will oppress the prostate, so be sure to properly exercise, you can be walking or jogging, for the prevention of prostate will have a great effect。  4, drink plenty of water Drink plenty of water can effectively achieve the effect of cleaning the kidneys, because the kidneys in the human body as the role of the filter, most of the waste in the human body are filtered and eventually discharged from the body through the kidneys, therefore in life we must pay attention to cleaning the kidneys, and drink plenty of water can achieve such results。  There are research data show that a person drink at least two liters of water a day, which can be dropped eighty percent probability of kidney illness, but may also be appropriate to eat some honey every day, so the risk of suffering from kidney disease can be decreased by 18%。
  5, smoking cessation quit smoking in order to reduce damage to the lungs as smoking on lung damage is great。
  Want Yangfeihuoxue lungs can eat some soup, moreover, in daily life but also eat white radish, pumpkin and kiwi, melons, peaches, sweet potatoes, etc., these foods have a great effect on Yangfeihuoxue, and eat a kiwi fruit can be sick probability of lung cancer by 36% per day。
  As shown in Figure 6, there are many ways to exercise more, and this link was to protect the health of the colon, the urban population very little amount of exercise, so people suffering from colon cancer is also increasing, and effective prevention of colon cancer, the key It is to strengthen the training, hiking and walking is very effective in a suitable amount of exercise for all ages。
  And studies have shown that aerobic exercise persist especially jogging, can effectively prevent the time the stool stays in the body, can prevent colon cancer from the roots。  Longevity is not overnight can be reached longevity to enjoy life, and comes from life, only to develop good habits, from daily life bit by bit, to act, to make their own health and longevity。