Body signals tell you what is missing vitamins!(1)

  Today night network tell us something about the lack of different physical symptoms, the right medicine, the future must be aware of what is missing when hasten to add。  ① corneal drying, dry hair: A lack of。Computer users, the lack of multi-clerk; A-rich foods: a, fruit: pear, apple, loquat, cherry, banana, longan, apricot, litchi, watermelon, muskmelon。  Second, the vegetables: horse teeth vegetables, cabbage, shepherd's purse, tomato, eggplant, squash, cucumbers,。  Third, plant: green beans, rice, walnuts。  A source of food: cod liver oil,, carrots, apricots, broccoli, papaya, alfalfa alfalfa, honey, bananas, eggs, pumpkin, leeks, green beans, celery, mango, sweet potatoes ,, onion, cantaloupe, etc.。  A rich foods 🙁 100 g retinol equivalent): 15270 chicken liver, liver 2610, 75,42 human milk, eggs, 432, 414 duck, egg 282, 1788 crab, eel 900② regular lips, tongue , oral ulcers, blurred vision, rough skin: lack of b。
White-collar workers lack; ① B1 rich foods: wheat germ, Zhu Tuirou, soybean, peanut, loin, ham, black rice, chicken liver, embryo rice, etc.。  ② foods rich in B2: the lamprey, beef liver, chicken liver, mushrooms, wheat germ, eggs, cheese, etc.。  ③ contains vitamin B6 B12 niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid and other food:。Liver, meat,, yeast, fish, legumes, egg yolks, cheese, nuts,,。Wherein B1 is not stored in the human body, it should be added daily.。
  For all the family B intake is difficult, but careful selection of food can be simple and convenient intake。These foods contain vitamin B can be divided into two groups ① and ②③。Take a look at the above categories can understand, ② and ③ are all contained in the much the same food。Thus ① together form a group of food as a food group, ② and ③, a combination of two selected food, basically the B vitamin intake hand。
  ③ fatigue, poor appetite, weight loss, irritable and joint pain, bleeding gums: lack?。Smokers, the lack of multi-family stay up all night。
  Rich?What foods?Vitamins?Widely present in fresh vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy vegetables and fruits acid。
Vegetables, content chilli, chrysanthemum,, bitter gourd, potatoes, tomatoes and other rich; more content in the fruit, jujube, jujube, strawberry, orange, lemon, etc.。In animal offal also contain small amounts of C ^。  Rich?Food: 1, tomatoes Tomatoes?The higher levels, eat more tomatoes is a good way to supplement vitamin C ^。
  2, pumpkin Pumpkin contains many amino acids needed by the body, and of course high?Content, very useful。  3, Kiwi known as Victoria?King, showing its?Abundant。