After the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates: the central bank raised slightly 7 days reverse repo rate three birds with one stone | reverse repurchase

  ■ reporter Li Yan Liang after Fed rate hike, the central bank yesterday raised immediately 7-day reverse repo bid rate 5 basis points to%。
The central bank open market operations room to respond to this when the person in charge said that the open market operations interest rates up slightly in line with market expectations, the Fed is raising interest rates just a normal reaction。 Meanwhile, the official also stressed that it would in the interest rate transmission, formulating a reasonable interest rate expectations and macroeconomic stability leverage played a positive role。   Before this has been for two consecutive days suspended reverse repurchase operations, the central bank yesterday symbolic restoration reverse repurchase operations and increase the successful rate, its intent is to inform reflect market interest rates open market operations to adjust to the market。
Expected to follow reasonable liquidity will continue to show steady state, reverse repurchase may continue to be suspended。
  Since last year, money market interest rates consistently higher than open market operations interest rates, despite the recent narrowing of spreads, but still not a small。 The central bank open market operations room official stressed that the open market operations, interest rates follow the market up slightly reflecting the supply and demand of funds, further narrowing the spread between the two, it is conducive to enhancing conduct open market operations interest rate on the money market interest rates effect, but also conducive to the formation of market players expected a reasonable interest rate, financing constraints irrational behavior, the stability of the macro-leverage may play a role。
  Agency expects the Fed will raise interest rates twice this year, when US interest rate will be narrowed further, which will lead to the probability of the central bank to raise interest rates to rise in the second half。
Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities chief scribe Zhang Jun to the "Securities Daily" correspondent said that if domestic inflation remains stable, with no significant downward pressure on the exchange rate level, then the central bank can still wait, do not rush to take action。
  CSC released study reported that deal with the Fed raising interest rates, the central bank may be one of the measures taken in the financial markets through targeted operations, under the conditions of maintaining the overall monetary policy neutral, increase the cost of capital outflows。   "The central bank this year to strengthen the fine-tuning and is expected to manage, maintain reasonable liquidity of the banking system is stable, an appropriate degree, guide reasonable growth of money and credit and social financing scale。 "The central bank open market operations room official said that interest rates and open market operations slightly upward combined can create a suitable monetary and financial environment for supply-side structural reforms and the development of high-quality。
  Analysts expect the central bank in disguise after "interest rate", to better achieve the "three birds with one stone" effect you need to follow the market of other varieties to enhance reverse repo, interest rates and other monetary tools MLF, the treasury deposit。