NBA Spurs two main public hate the first one in mind!In the end who is telling the truth

Beijing March 23, NBA ace reporter Waugh God today broke the news that the Spurs players held a meeting at the weekend, while the Spurs players at the meeting are kindly requested to test Wye – Leonard comeback。 For this report Waugh God to Danny – Green Spurs led by some of the players have to stand out of the rumor。
According to Wal-God revealed Spurs last weekend's win over the Timberwolves after the game, veteran Tony – Parker organized a players meeting。 At the meeting, the Spurs players expressed their test Wye delays comeback of frustration and confusion, and the urge to test Wye able to come back and help Spurs playoffs。 Shortly, the Spurs scored after issuing this report defender Danny – Green forwarding on Twitter Wal-God's story, and wrote: "could not be more false than this of the!"Obviously, Green is in question fertile source of the message of God。
Waugh also said that God was the football Spurs' meeting in this report where the atmosphere is very tense。
In this regard, the Spurs small forward Rudy – Rudy Gay in an interview today also expressed different views。
"The atmosphere is tense?I do not think so。
"He said.。
In addition to the Spurs players, even the Spurs Reporter Jabari – Yang also refuted Wal God via Twitter。 Yang confirmed that Spurs had indeed held a players meeting, but the atmosphere of the meeting is not as fertile as God said。
"First of all, ESPN (Wal God's report) is wrong。
That atmosphere is not tense meeting, test Wye just a bit surprised, but his teammates just want to know his physical condition, so they do not have to get the message through the media。
He (test Wye) received the support of his teammates。 "Jabari – Young wrote on Twitter。
It is worth mentioning that, in this season, Wal-God has published many articles on Wye and contradictory test the Spurs, but every time after such reports appeared, the Spurs players have done very quickly or Popovich the response and rebuttal, this is no exception。 (Rosen)。