Gastroenteritis can not eat fried food, dietary laws also need to

  Gastroenteritis is an intestinal disease, natural and diet are closely related。
Gastroenteritis patients daily diet should be reasonable, should avoid making it worse, eat some good food for the stomach。
What stress and diet taboos gastroenteritis what will it?Together to learn to understand it。
  Gastroenteritis eat regularly dietary recommendations。
On diet principles enteritis should be light, mainly for gastric irritation, but not bland diet can relieve the patient's symptoms。 Should be based dietary laws, not hunger satiety, the principle of small meals。   Avoid eating unclean。 Gastritis diet needs to pay attention to what, gastroenteritis patients are generally very weak stomach, avoid eating some of the most unhealthy foods cold。
Especially in summer, raw fruits should be washed, do not eat spoiled food。 Because of the deterioration of contaminated foods contain a lot of bacteria and bacterial toxins, it has a direct effect on the gastric mucosa damage。 Put food in the refrigerator, must be fully cooked before eating cooked, such as to detect deterioration, we must resolutely throw away, prohibit the consumption of。
  Away from tobacco and alcohol spicy food。 Alcohol has a greater damage to the gastric mucosa, when people smoke, smoke harmful substances dissolved and attached to the mouth, throat, swallowing into the stomach, these harmful substances is also a great damage to the gastric mucosa。   Eat cold, hot, hard food。
Gastroenteritis patients with gastrointestinal discomfort is caused by the transition stimulus, then the diet we should try to avoid too cold food and drinks, the man-eating can cause stomach cramps, gastric mucosal vasoconstriction, is not conducive to the inflammation subsided; hot food and drinks, after ingestion or burn directly stimulate the gastric mucosa。
Gastritis patient's food should be moderately hard and soft, too hard, rough food, vegetables and crude fiber, oil, frying or grilling food, after eating can be digested mechanical burden on the stomach, the gastric mucosa by friction and damage, increased mucosal inflammatory lesions。
  What specific look at the following gastroenteritis can not eat the right foods。   Gastroenteritis can not eat fried food。 Because these foods can not digest, will increase the burden on the digestive tract, eating can cause indigestion, but also to lipid increased adverse health。
Simply eating chocolate is not caused by the source of the problem, but rather hold the excess chocolate。 A small piece of chocolate is possible。
However, if patients suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, even eating a small piece also cause problems。
This is because the lower esophageal sphincter to relax chocolate causing acid reflux。
Milk contains lactose, lactose digestion by intestinal mucosal cells on the edge of the brush secreted lactase。 In the intestinal inflammation, this layer of cells are destroyed, so the body is temporarily unable to secrete lactase。 Can not break down lactose, they stimulate the gut, increased dehydration, diarrhea and other symptoms, and in the large intestine causing flatulence。 Yogurt list is not limiting, because lactose has been used by the lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria can also be provided while lactase。   Sweets。
Eat less easy gas sucrose, and fermented foods, such as soybean, sweet potato, turnip, squash, beans, etc.。   Mashed potato。 Such as creamy mashed potato, easy entrance, no wonder you can board the forefront of the "most comfortable food"。 But if you are allergic to sugar, it does not feel comfortable, because it added a lot of milk and cream, etc.。 Make yourself at home sugar-free mashed potato and Germany can reduce its impact。
  High-fat foods。 High fat content of cakes, fritters to eat, high saturated fatty acid content of the sausage, bacon, ham, more like to be prohibited skewer。 They will burden the stomach, while processed meat products contained carcinogens nitrosamines and other oxidation products of the damaged digestive tract is also a disadvantage。
  Gastritis have a lot of food taboos, pay more attention。