Orient Securities principal and interest to provide guarantees for foreign indirect wholly-owned subsidiary bonds

  Securities Times Online () 22 March 22 evening news (,) announced that same day, its indirect holdings of overseas wholly-owned subsidiary issue OrientHuiZhiLimited million maturity date of November 30, 2022, the coupon rate is% dollar bonds, as a guarantor to provide a full guarantee of principal and interest。
  According to the announcement, this behavior has been secured shareholders' meeting authorized。   This is the guarantor OrientHuiZhiLimited total assets as of February 28 was 500,603, USD, total liabilities amounted to 500,600 dollars, net worth of $; January 1, 2018?February 28 revenues of $ net profit of $。
  As before this guarantee, the total amount of external guarantees Orient Securities and its subsidiaries for the yuan, the proportion of the company at the end of 2016 audited net assets billion as%。
The amount of the guarantee is $ billion (converted into RMB million), after the occurrence of this guarantee, the total amount of external guarantees Company and its subsidiaries was RMB yuan, accounting for the company in 2016 the ratio of net assets%。
  Orient Securities announced that the case of overdue guarantees of the company and its subsidiaries do not exist。
(Jing Liu Yuan) (Securities Times Online News Center)。