Winter health to eat 4 "white" comfortably through the winter months (1)

  Winter the temperature gradually decreased, frequent colds, night net today for everyone to recommend a way to quickly learn it!  1.Tremella Tremella "bacteria in the crown" in the world。It is a nutrient tonic, but also a strong tonic righting。White fungus can Yin and lungs, but at the same time it is more viscous, so that the body is not easy to cough up sputum。
If a simple cough without phlegm, lungs and white fungus with a natural effect of good, if sputum is not suitable with the white fungus。
In addition, the boiled with edible white fungus soup banana lily, has the effect of Yin lungs, beauty, Sheng Jin laxative。
  2.White people have "October race ginseng," "Winter eat eat Luobu Xia Jiang, do not doctors prescribe," saying。
Radish in vitamin A, C content is particularly rich, raw heat fluid, cooling blood to stop bleeding, angry efficacy; cooked food is able to spleen and stomach, digestion under the gas。Radish and soybeans, along with beef consumption, the Qi and blood, strong bones and muscles, suitable for menopausal women to eat。  3.  Nutritious value, inexpensive。
Reputation because tofu contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and the like necessary for the body of mineral elements, it also contains sugar, vegetable oil and rich in high quality protein, known as the meat plants。Two small pieces of tofu that meet the demand of the day the body of calcium, especially for children and the elderly eat。
But, higher tofu purine, and purine gout patients suffering from disorders should Shensi。
  4.Cabbage "a hundred dishes as cabbage", Chinese medicine, Chinese cabbage slightly cold, sweet, has the effect of stomach fluid, Chufan thirst, heat and toxic。
There are rich in vitamin E, C, eat can play a very good effect of skin care and beauty。
In addition, cabbage cellulose can not only play the intestines, promoting the role of detoxification, but also to promote the body's absorption of animal protein。