What are the reasons for blood in the stool careful of these diseases

(2) amoebic dysentery amoeba trophozoites invade the intestinal wall was ulcers, resulting in bleeding。
What to eat fruits good pears blood in the stool can be used for cough, phlegm, because the pear is not only animate Tianjin, dryness, heat, phlegm and other effects, but also purify the kidneys, intestinal cleansing also have a good effect。 All my friends can eat the fruit, not only can well improve constipation problems, but also can prevent colon and colorectal cancer。
Grapefruit contains very rich in calcium and substance, is not comparable to other fruits, it is a line of gas, digestion, expectorant, anti drugs, pain, constipation and other effects, my friends usually can eat。
Carrot lot of friends all know that carrots are rich in vitamins, plant fiber, absorbent, it is strengthening gastrointestinal motility, laxative good helper, can effectively prevent blood in the stool。 What are the reasons for blood in the stool looks nice point favorite banana is a lot of friends, it is one of the better laxative fruits, contain high amounts of sugar, but it is worth noting that one can not eat a lot of roots, bad stomach。
Dates not only the role of beauty, it is a good material adjustment constipation, make a soup dates to suit your taste, you can be a good solution to the pain of constipation, thereby preventing the occurrence of blood in the stool。 Walnut walnut nourishing the body is relatively good food, it not only has a good laxative effect, but also for the treatment of constipation have a good effect。
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