Four health soup most suitable for winter tonic

Autumn and winter is the best season of health, what is good winter temperatures plunged to eat health tonic, health tonic soup is most appropriate, based on the principles of the autumn diet gamping based, that is, eat a Liver effect of food, Eat less acidic foods。 Season season to pay attention to balanced nutrition, especially to eat more foods rich in vitamins and high-fiber vegetables, Xiao Bian today to introduce the four major health soup approach which allows you clever tonic in winter。
Health soup is not made up trouble, Southerners tend to be more like soup, a soup for hours, the food nutrition and taste to fully penetrate, so the soup will drink only tasty。
Now there health of small household appliances, make it simple soup, making it easy。 Health tonic drink four four major health soup winter health tonic soup the most suitable one: clam shrimp Arctic winter melon soup ingredients: Ingredients: Arctic shrimp, clams, scallops, ham, melon, mushrooms, ginger, onion spices: salt, pepper powder Method: 1, dried scallop slightly with warm water, sliced ham, ginger, silk was added into the pot to heat and simmer for a fire to boil will produce two together; 2, melon dug ball is dug ball, Join cooked soup, again cook until half cooked, add mushrooms and continue to cook together; 3, the last to join the Arctic shrimp boil again, the redeployment of salt, pepper, chopped green onion。