Daquan foot reflexology chart, why females feet to keep warm?(1)

  A person's foot farthest from the heart, the most vulnerable to invasion of pathogenic cold。After the cold dew, the temperature gradually decreased, summer sandals basically it up to prevent "cold from the foot of Health"。Season all year round foot bath, foot bath fall more conducive to moisten the lung intestines, so it is important to keep warm feet。  Yongquan foot which points to find ways: acupoints, can be sitting or supine, Rocker foot posture, Yongquan foot bottom, a recess in the forefoot portion, the second and third lines of the first toe sewing head the heel end of the front third of the connecting。  Indications disease: Yongquan attending diseases: neurasthenia, decreased energy, feelings of fatigue, women's diseases, insomnia, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, dizziness, anxiety, diabetes, allergic rhinitis, menopausal disorders, cold symptoms, kidney disease。Acupuncture points stroke recovery after treatment pressure method, acupressure treatment of cystitis, finger pressure method and the like hair treatment。  Method Dadun points acupoints: acupoints, sitting or supine position can be used, Dadun points on the big toe (second toe on one side) A root edge about two millimeters。  Indications disease: Dadun point of attending disease: dizziness, abdominal pain, muscle pain, rib, Lenggan Zheng。In addition, since ancient times it is also deemed to calm and restore sanity main point。
This point is one of the major human foot Jue Yin acupuncture points on the liver, the site on this point of treatment therapies are: ease the restlessness of acupressure, etc.。  Taichong positioning method: acupoints, sitting or supine position can be used, Taichong points in the dorsal foot, first and second metatarsal joints in the toe。Fingers along the big toe, a toe secondary nip moved upward pressure, arterial pressure enantiomer hand to feel that this point is。  Indications disease: Taichong attending symptoms are: liver disease, toothache, eye diseases, digestive diseases, respiratory diseases, reproductive system diseases。This point is one of the important human foot Jue Yin acupuncture points on the liver, the site on this point of treatment therapies are: to enhance sexual performance acupressure etc.。
  Of course this is only part of the rest of the Figure can know。
  Warm feet the way there are many, one: with hot water bubble feet before going to sleep, and then massage the soles of the feet and beat, the aim of the feet can promote blood circulation and help warm feet。
At the same time, you can add the right amount of salt water in the foot bath, can help women friends kidney qi, or adding the right amount of vinegar, can play the role of moisture feet, so your feet more lubrication, avoid rough dry。
II: two hours before going to bed at night, a female friend doing the soles of the feet can be properly warm-up exercise, such as jogging, walking, fast walking, foot operation and so on, so that body heat, so warm feet, fend off the cold。
Three: can increase the purchase of simulation cobblestone road, placed on the floor in the corner of the living room at night before going to sleep can walk on top of pebbles in the simulation, can play a foot massage, accelerate blood circulation, and later took a few laps, you will They found the body warm。It can be said, fend off the cold feet warm is the most fundamental and most effective way。