No. 23 March Morning Post daily limit: a critical moment, fight in the end!

The United States set off a trade war with the collapse of global stock markets, US stocks fell 3 percent to close, Asia-Pacific stock markets opened, the Japanese stock market opened sharply lower by 3%; morning, the Commerce Department issued a document intended to suspend the implementation of the United States substantially equivalent concessions and other obligations, that is, for some products imported from the United States imposed tariffs to balance the interests of the United States 232 measures the loss caused to our country。 Specific suspension of concessions to the list of products: the first stage, fresh fruit, dried fruit and nut products, wine, denatured ethanol, ginseng, seamless steel tubes; the second phase, and pork products, scrap。 China before resorting to force, the first small-scale, said the United States if it does not converge, A shares will increase the intensity, this time to the US capital predators lobbying time, to put pressure on Trump, apples, large aircraft, such as semiconductor chips is large!Morning Note "against the United States concept stocks" farmer's product stocks yesterday, has begun feedback, the key moment, simply do not send money, pay attention to whether the hot money will follow up the Ministry of Commerce listed species, the critical moment today, fight in the end!。