Paul downturn in GDP while the Clippers to fold easily unfathomable Spurs 1-0

  Ticker May 16, the Spurs to wait at Plaza, home to repel the Clippers 108-92, the second round of the playoffs 1-0。   - Tim Duncan scored 26 points and 10 rebounds, he also had two blocks and two steals, teenager Cowie – Leonard added 16 points and six rebounds, Danny – Green 15 points and six rebounds, Tony – Parker 7 points and 11 assists, – Boris Diaw 7 points, 12 rebounds and five assists。 Off the bench Manu – Manu Ginobili 22 points。   Clippers failed to withstand in the second half, Blake – Griffin scored 15 points and nine rebounds, Caron – Butler 15 points and Chris Paul – 13 shots in only 3, had six points and 10 assists。
Off the bench Eric – Bray Durso 23 points, Nick – Young 13 points。   Wake up in the morning, Griffin found his left knee injury is not worse, but it does not improve。 The doctor said that if the regular season, he had to rest for two weeks at least。 But now is the playoffs, he only played with the injury。   Clippers just worked hard to seven games out of Memphis, once on a plane to San Antonio, the Spurs have rested for eight days, it is to wait at Plaza。   After the opening, two teams are fierce fire。
Clippers young, has not been worn down on one of hard work, the Spurs recharge your batteries for a long time, plus the home game, feel wonders, players can score every play, the Clippers continue to succeed basket。 Jordan had much maligned today doing well, the first section there are three dunks。
Griffin played with the injury, but the power still, this section there are 6 minutes and 53 seconds, he took Paul pass, dunk the Clippers to 14-13 beyond。
After Ginobili hit three-pointers shortly thereafter he assists teenager Leonard, who hit third。 The Spurs led by as six points, but the Clippers to tie it at 29-29 in this section after Paul hit a record buzzer。
  After leading the Clippers to 37-35, Ginobili hit three-pointers, the Spurs 15-5 to launch a wave of attacks in this section there are 3 minutes 54 seconds, Green also hit the third, the Spurs to 50-42 obtain Advantage。
Bray Durso to a record one-third, Griffin after which the basket twice succeeded, the Clippers turn narrow the gap to three points, but this section last 1 minute 55 seconds they scoreless, the Spurs even after 5 points to end the first half 57-49。   Rookie Leonard can enter the first year of the Spurs starting lineup, really are a breed apart, after the beginning of the third quarter, third twice succeeded him in a minute, the Spurs opened the gap to 65-53。 And external spurs flowering, Duncan successive basket succeeded, Ginobili and Dior third succeeded in succession, this section there are 1 minute 54 seconds, the Spurs to 83-64 lead 19 minutes。
Under the Spurs defense, the Clippers firepower gradually weakened after three to 72-87 behind。
  Jackson began the fourth quarter with a record third, but also to the Clippers after a wave of 12-4, chasing the score 84-94。 Spurs will not give respite rival machines, but also Ginobili layup with a ball, then he caused a foul, and Duncan each sank two free throws in the game 2 minutes 34 seconds, the Spurs to 101-85 again widen the gap。
  Nick – Yang shot twice, the Clippers turn narrow the gap to 11 points, but from the hands of the Spurs did not complete the comeback so easily, Duncan and Green have also shot succeeded, 7-0 to 108- 90 to expand the advantage to seal the victory。 (Angkor)。