Trump provoke a trade war US public concern: the United States is in the pit

  American community have said the government Trump provoke a trade war, not to protect the United States, but the United States in the pit。
  Restrictions on Chinese products would harm the competitiveness of the US economy since US plans for a large-scale imports of goods from China to impose tariffs since the news broke, the US academia, the business community and various social organizations in recent days clearly warned about the move will not help US-China economic and trade issues to resolve, but will directly harm the interests of the United States itself。
  July 21, 22, the US Congress held hearings on Trump intensive government trade policy requiring Ross Minister of Commerce, Trade Representative Wright Abashidze hearing。 According to US media analysis, the Congressional schedule is temporary additional reflects the MPs concerns about Trump government trade policy。   22 am, Wright Abashidze to attend the hearing Senate Banking Committee。 At the meeting, several members questioned the government on Trump tariff policy toward China。
Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman said, "(tariff measures) could lead to a further reduction in US exports, rather than what we want to see an increase。 "Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said that as farm states such as Iowa, from a trade war badly damaged。 Maryland Democratic Senator Ben Cardin questioned said the US big business and perhaps channel will reflect their concerns to policy makers, but US small businesses do not have such channels, many of them depend international supply chain, "trade war may bring great risk to their survival."。   Corporate America for their "lying gun" worried。 Not long ago, the US Chamber of Commerce, the National Retail Association, the Information Technology Industry Council, the United States and other representatives of 45 American companies trade association sent a joint letter to the government, urging restrictions on Chinese products do not, as a warning forced to levy tariffs will harm the US consumer and economic competitiveness。 President of the US Chamber of Commerce Thomas – Donohue has warned the move could lead to a trade war Trump government, tariffs will be equivalent to such "additional destructive tax to US consumers."。
  Recently, the Chicago Booth School of Business organized by the "Global Market Initiative" IGM Forum, 43 top economists warned that tariffs do little to improve the livelihood of the American people, would damage the interests of most Americans。
  Brookings Institution Senior Fellow, Cornell University professor Ice Val Puri Saad, told reporters that the government Trump targeted trade measures against China, which the US lost in trade negotiations the advantage will lead to counter-measures。
This will bring a series of tit for tat bilateral trade and investment restrictions, resulting in an injury to the US and Chinese economies。
"If the outbreak of open trade war, the United States economy, especially in the various forms of US multinationals operating in China, will be subject to serious collateral damage。 "American columnist Jennifer Rubin in the" Washington Post "wrote that the government tariff penalties Trump will be pushed up production costs US companies, reducing the productivity of the United States, squeezing household incomes, reduce American farmers and other dependent on export earnings practitioners, exacerbating tensions with China and other countries, and seriously undermine the rules-based global trading system。 "We need to understand that a trade war with China, which groups the United States the most injured?That is, low-income consumers, industrial workers and farmers, and these people are precisely the main supporter of Trump。
"United States," Wall Street Journal "23 editorial pointed out that US agricultural products have large market share in China。 United States each year to sell $ 12.4 billion of soybeans to China, trade war breaks out, there is likely to be replaced by Brazilian pork exports of $ 1 billion, Canada or Europe can be replaced。 After Trump announced the decision, Boeing shares fell 22 5%, reflecting investor concerns about a trade war, because China can also buy Airbus aircraft。
  Protectionist practices will further isolate the United States Trump claims that a direct purpose related to the tariff policy to solve the problem of the US trade deficit。 However, the economists, this logic is clearly contrary to common sense economics。   Harvard University Kennedy School of Government professor of international trade and investment Robert Lawrence believes that much of the trade deficit, not a measure of a country's standard of good and bad trade policy, trade deficit is not necessarily a bad thing, not necessarily bring jobs and reduce economic the decline in growth rate。
For a long time, the United States contributed to the improvement of people's living standard through import and export。
Reduce the trade deficit by means of policy behavior, has been shown to backfire, not only hurt bilateral trade relations, but also bring disaster to the interests of those groups most in need of help。
In fact, including the United States, the vast majority of developed countries to reduce jobs, mainly due to a mismatch improve labor productivity and demand for commodities caused。 The benefits of free trade is the ability of the most efficient configuration of resources。 Trump government should put more focus on clearing trade barriers, rather than use various means to reduce the trade deficit。
  "Wall Street Journal" editorial said, the US trade deficit for many reasons。
Take Apple mobile phones, China's main contribution is the labor force, including the design, including the vast majority of benefits are worth California took, but the final product imported from China, and therefore appears as the US deficit in bilateral trade。
  When the United States Woodrow Wilson Center Kissinger senior fellow at the Institute of Sino-US relations Stapleton Roy had an interview with reporters, said Trump government used to be the economic relationship as a means to suppress other countries, this should not become the world's economic and trade relations mainstream, the United States is pressing too much emphasis on the role of the economy, and not enough beneficial role in global trade and economic relations。   "New York Times" 22 reported analysis, said Trump government to give direction for decades to advance towards open markets and world economic integration, shift to a more explicit protectionist practices, obstacles around the fortress of the United States these measures will further isolate the United States。
  Newspaper reporter in the United States Zhang Hu Zexi students read Wu Yue Jun Zhang Mengxu。