Secret daily limit: 6 shares sealing plate business chain lift limit tide

Tencent Securities News (alpine) three major indexes highs today, the Shanghai Composite Index dropping to 3242 points in early trading, GEM that afternoon once meteoric rise, late fall again。
From the sector point of view, retail, state-owned assets integration, computer application concepts such as plate gainers, iron and steel, the Internet industry, liquor, home appliances and other sections among the top decliners。 A total of 56 non-ST stocks daily limit (excluding non-closed limit up limit price of stocks and shares listed on the first day)。 Tencent securities selection part of the daily limit individual stocks Analysis of the reason for the decision-making of investors outlook。
Commercial chain] [100 Group, Shanghai Join, Kuniyoshi Group, Sanjiang Shopping, middle peasants Li Hua, the Xinhua: CPI mild up new retail concept touted China Merchants Securities pointed out that the review of historical data and found that department stores same-store growth and overall CPI there is a certain fitness, supermarkets commodity same-store growth and CPI food index more relevant。
February 2018 overall national CPI and CPI food index were and, all in the past year a new high (there are factors that influence the Spring Festival)。
China Merchants Securities is expected due to the lower (especially the food CPI negative growth) base last year, CPI is expected to moderate upward, boost same-store retail revenue lift。 In addition, the closely watched new retail concept favored by the funds again。 For a new retail sector's recent strong performance, Haitong Securities analyst, said strong at the supermarket online and offline complementary, new retail integration and enabling optimization of cost, good efficiency and experience effect; domestic supermarket after fresh strengthen, upgrade the quality, format portfolio, online integration, optimization and other mechanisms to change and then won a comparative advantage in transition, recovery growth inflection point。
[8] software services stocks mental state electronics, Long new technology, development of information: the Internet industry revenue unicorn superimposed concepts Morning Haitong Securities reported today that the Chinese software industry to join the international leader, the Internet industry share dividend。
Spring breeze blowing frequency Industrial Internet, "cellular platform" boost the company's growth。
Since 2018, the Internet industry continues to spring breeze blowing: China International Software as a forward-looking layout's field of Internet industry, future growth can be expected。
In conjunction with China Ping An intelligent city layout, the release of "the liberation" capacity。 Integrated current market environment, a long letter TMT fund industry researcher believes that the company can visit the unicorn by a CDR or IPO shares to mainland investors the opportunity to share the results of the new economy, while improving the valuation of the tech sector, investment who should be the core dimensions of industry Speedway, company resource endowments, technical barriers and other considerations, the layout of high-quality assets。 In the specific investment targets, the first open sea Fund Yang Delong suggested investing in emerging White Horse Unit also to adhere to the policy of buying leading stocks。 "Because of leading shares has an irreplaceable position in the industry more dynamic, leading shares deserve a premium valuation。 "In addition, the new technology is also affected by Lang resumption of compensatory growth needs。
[Times] new concept Panlong Pharmaceutical, Xiangshan shares, 9 Code pharmaceutical, palm reading technology and other 15 stocks: the concept of superposition bring the theme of investment opportunities at the same time "unicorn" concept of the outbreak, the annual report disclosure dense, high transfer plan relevant policies such as new energy subsidies landing, the Internet industry, Huawei 5G chips are publishing the list of shares brought a new round of market, good news to stimulate new shares, especially small and medium enterprises to create a strong rebound。
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