Rumors Secret: These taboos eat crab is true or false?

  Source: tadpole to read music and October, crabs listed season。
  These eat crabs, true or false?  Do not eat crab?  Widely circulated, cold crab, crab eating can cause contractions and abortion。  Sea crab meat flavor the United States, containing A, fat, protein and little calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.。So people often love to eat, but it contains irritating protein, so women should not eat early。There have been several cases of pregnant women showed that as early as edible sea crabs cause of threatened abortion cases [1]。
  Inland lakes breeding crabs and sea crabs different protein structure, less eat crabs cause abortion-related reports。
  At present, no careful study and analysis based instruments (such as a mass spectrometer to analyze the crab meat protein) biochemist on this special issue, we can only say that can not eat crab is not a strong scientific basis of the experiment rumors。
   Can not eat crab and persimmon?  For this issue, many people have heard, which is related with g。  Crab meat protein content is extremely high, while the persimmon tannin, both met, settable as tannic acid protein, non-digestible, easy to stay in the intestines of fermentation, resulting in vomiting, abdominal pain, other symptoms。  Tannic acid does have the effect of loss of activity of the protein so that。Such as tannic acid can inhibit the activity of snake venom, have a strong effect on the detoxification cobra toxin and the like (can also be used when cleaning a wound snake bites)。  So, when we eat crabs, especially eating crab season is ripe persimmon season, we still have to pay attention to this point: crab and persimmon is best not to eat。  It is crab paste crab?  Yes, many people may not know, is a delicious crab paste crab you will not find this a bit strange and not good the whole person。Natural crab cream jelly-like state to bluish translucent liquid; steamed, semitransparent, sticky, gelatinous also somewhat greasy。
There crab paste crab cream and crab paste are two kinds of sweet crab paste, crab paste is a little fishy, it contains water, protein, fatty acids and other ingredients, which the human body and no side effects, so you can rest assured crab cream, but do not stay to eat, oh。
(Author: tadpole Jun) References: [1] as early as pregnant women eat sea crabs cause of threatened abortion diagnosis and treatment, Lin Xiu Xiang Fenglan, "Modern Medicine" 2008 3。