Horford Hawks 3-2 quasi-lore Wall Wizards comeback fall short

  Ticker May 14, home to the Eagles 82-81 win over the Wizards, the total score to 3-2 lead。   Al – Horford second pointer with the winning ball up, the audience had 23 points, 11 rebounds and 5 blocks, Paul – Millsap scored 4 points 7 rebounds, Jeff – Teague 14 points 5 assists , Demar – Carroll 10 points and 10 rebounds。
  - Paul Pierce hit three-pointers seconds before the whistle, almost victory for the Wizards, scored 11 points a game。
Bradley – Bill scored 23 points and seven rebounds, John – Wall back, had 15 points and seven assists, Marcin – Gortat 14 points and eight rebounds。
  The fifth is the "King of the mountain" of the war, the importance of self-evident。 Wizards fight, and had even sent out injured Walter。
  Wall fractures left hand several times, the playoffs are no longer could have back, but he decided to play today before the game, surprising。
  In this year's playoffs, when the presence of the Wall, the Wizards Game 5 5 wins, while Wall missed three games, the Wizards lost two games。   Although today is played with the injury, the Wall remains breakneck speed。
Shortly after the opening, he fast-break layup, the Wizards to 4-0 start。
Since then, however Wizards hit rate has dropped, nearly three minutes, not shooting, the Eagles twice hit the third shot after 10-2, 10-6 go-ahead。 This section and 7 minutes 47 seconds, again Wall layup on the break, a slight recovery Washington state, starting with Eagles Sike。 Wall scored six points in this section, but they are only 28 seconds to vote in this section last 3 minutes in a ball, after the first section to 19-23 behind。
  When the second section there are 5 minutes 06 seconds, Millsap pick the basket succeeded, Hawks to 35-28 to expand the advantage。
Wal angry, frequently attack, this section there are 2 minutes and 33 seconds, his ball from the back, direct attack, turned around and play up front after person, easy field goal, the Wizards to 38-37 go-ahead。
Eagles start trouble, mistakes again and again, and Wal-form, then he pass Bill, who vote with a penalty scored three points, then hit two free throws and Wall, the Wizards to 28-18 win single on to 47-41 halftime lead。   Eagles mistake shortly after the third quarter began, initiated the break after the Wall steals, Bill layup。 Immediately after Bill also steals, hit in the cast Nene, the Wizards to 51-41 double-digit advantage。
Teague also a critical time to record one-third, and thereafter Horford tipped succeeded, after the Hawks 7-0, rapidly narrowing the gap。 In this section there are 5 minutes 21 seconds, Bill hit the third, the Wizards re-opened the gap to 58-51, but their next four minutes without a point。
Hawks seize the opportunity to play a wave of 10-0 to 61-58 go-ahead。 After this section, the Wizards had 15 points, three, contrary to 62-63 behind a sub。   Seven minutes to play the fourth quarter, the Eagles actually also failed to hit a ball, and Bill hit a row, the Wizards to a wave of 11-1 start this section, in one fell swoop to 73-64 to gain advantage。 Eagles forced into a corner, this section there are 4 minutes 58 seconds, after Korver away on the third line, even hit, after 34 seconds, horford also hit three right corner, Eagles scored eight points, force Wizards have called a temporary halt。
  Pause came back, again and again the Wizards still shots, the Hawks continued their offensive, Shilao De after continuous shooting, they finished 14-0 wave of attacks in the game 2 minutes and 29 seconds, the Hawks to 78-73 exceed。
  Pierce in the game 2 minutes 04 seconds, really outside shot, crashed hit the third, this is the first time the Wizards scored within four minutes。 Competition also seconds, Gortat hook shot, the Wizards will recover as the score 78-78。
  Wizards successfully defend a critical attack the eagle, but Pierce hastily turned mistakes, gave the Eagles the opportunity to fast break, Carol layup in the game there are no seconds, the Hawks to 80-78 upper hand。   Pierce to come forward in the game more seconds, the third hit, the Wizards to 81-80 beyond。
Unfortunately, he gave the Eagles left enough time to attack。
  Schroeder's shot was blocked shots, but Horford grabbed offensive rebounds, the Wizards have been behind the defender, he can only watch Bulan。
  Finally seconds, the Wizards have been no pause, had to rush shots long shot, failed to hit, fall short Wizards to 2-3 behind。   (Angkor)。