2018 Eleventh Asia (Beijing) International Exhibition of Things

Invited invitations organizational units: China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Approved by the Ministry of Commerce People's Republic of China: Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce Organizer: Beijing Ming Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Supporters: China Industry Alliance of China Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences National Information Alliance Advisory Committee for Chinese Internet of things industry Association expert Committee on national information Center Sponsor: Beijing Ming Expo international exhibition Co., Ltd. of things is built on information technology and network technology widely used basis, in order to improve people's livelihood, to benefit the people, to realize the wisdom of things goal to provide new impetus to the huge social information system project。
The face of severe and complicated international environment, we must accelerate the construction of self-control network infrastructure, to ensure information security and national security。
As soon as the key to break the perceived core chip and software, control the development of the initiative and seize the commanding heights of science and technology, rely on innovation to promote the development。 In today's world, information technology revolution advances, the development of the field of international political, economic, cultural, social, and military had a profound impact。
Information technology and economic globalization and promote each other, the Internet has been integrated into all aspects of social life, profoundly changed the way people work and live, our country is in the midst of this tide, more and more deeply affected by the。 With the wide application of sustained and rapid development of information and communication industry in China, information technology and the Internet。 Show Review approved by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Ming Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Main / hosted China's first order of things as the theme of national key exhibition in 2017 in Asia Things Fair (April 29, 2017) in China international exhibition Center (old Library) perfect came to an end!Just three days, a total of 58,462 people greeted visitors。 2017CICNE, showing an area of 20,000 square meters, the exhibition scale creating the most ever, more than 470 exhibitors, IOT sensing, Aerospace Science and Industry, China Aviation Industry Corporation have exhibitors。 Professional visitors reached 50,000 people。
Attracted international pavilions from China (including Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan Province), Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and other 13 countries and regions participating agencies and institutions。
Internationalization ratio exceeds 18%, the exhibition achieve the goal of win-win situation, and achieved satisfactory results。
11th Asian International Exhibition (CICNE2018) will be held in April 2018 in Beijing, welcomed the new and old customers again Asian exhibitors show things you look forward to meet again!We see Beijing 2018。 Schedule 1 ﹑ Registration & Move: April 25, 2018 –26 February ﹑ Opening: April 27, 2018 3 ﹑ Exhibition time: April 27, 2018 –29 April ﹑ Closing time: 2018 April 29 show the advantages of brand – to maintain a consistent international, brand, specialization characteristics, adhering to lead the strong dialogue and foreign success of your business for the purpose of advertising, through 11 years of brand development and growth, has become the industry exhibition the new beacon。
Comprehensive advantages – thanks to massive stimulus policies adopted by the major economies, the world economy, according to the need to maintain a recovery trend。
The financial crisis has increased China's international status, the future of China's economic growth potential is still huge。
Geographical advantage – every April is the major manufacturers, distributors, resellers demonstrate new technologies, develop new products, open up new business opportunities boom。
Beijing Things exhibition aims to seize this golden purchase of a professional business platform for buyers and sellers to build。 Show main advantages – many show organizers resources to actively promote the Beijing International Exhibition of good things rapid development。
Among them, Beijing Ming Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the relevant government departments have many years of good communication and cooperation relations; close cooperation with foreign associations, many local buyers are invited to organize a delegation to participate each year; Exhibits and smart card technology: RFID tag chip (low frequency , ISO15693, ISO14443, ISO18000, EPC and other labels protocol chip) RFID tag antenna (aluminum, silver, copper materials, etc.), the antenna of the RFID tag manufacturing equipment or a standard card finished RFID tags (RFID tag or label card form) special labels (shaped label applications or special environment (e.g., high temperature, metal, chemical environment, etc.)) the RFID tag manufacturing equipment or the card (card printing machine, the card packaging equipment, RFID tags flip chip devices, RFID tags automatic test equipment) electrically conductive silver paste , batteries, magnetic materials, microwave absorbing materials, test and measurement equipment RFID chip RFID reader, RFID reader module, RFID reader, antenna (ultra high frequency, high frequency, low frequency) RFID handheld terminals, PDA, vehicle read writer; active RFID products and systems, 900MHz ,, the like (433MHz active tag, reader, antenna system ) And RFID middleware solutions for RFID applications, chip providers: IC card chip design, development and production; chip wafer production technology and related materials; smart card chip Manufacturer: contact and non-contact type IC card and the combined dual IC cards, CPU cards, card-type memory, card-shaped; and the production of material of the IC card module; IC card Braille printing, laminating and embossing; IC card personal identification images (including production, printing, and three-dimensional graphics, coding printing); encapsulating the IC module; card material: PVC cards, plastic cards, PET card, the card may be repeatedly printed, and various memory materials, security ink, film or the like smart card reader equipment providers: compliant magnetic cards and IC cards dual bank ATM machine and transfer machine, IC cards cash registers; security access control, IC cards technology and computer equipment detect the network; IC card access control and related equipment; detecting the IC card equipment; IC card personalization equipment; safety testing technology and equipment; peripheral products and equipment associated with the IC card, including reading and writing machines, POS terminal apparatus; system integration: IC card into a variety of applications, COS provided And development, IC cards, design and development of security technology, all kinds of IC card applications (such as retailing systems, marketing systems, public systems, etc.), in particular。
: One-dimensional bar code printers, two-dimensional bar code printers, handheld bar code scanners, bar code scanner flatbed, ribbon, barcode ribbon, barcode ribbon, label, one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar code label design software, etc.。 Fingerprint identification: Fingerprint, fingerprint attendance, fingerprint access control, access control fingerprint attendance, fingerprint ü disk, fingerprint scanner, fingerprint mouse, fingerprint safe, Fingerprint HDD, fingerprint module, fingerprint POS, Face Fingerprint Identification System identification: face recognition system, recognition attendance, access control face recognition, iris recognition face recognition module: iris recognition system, iris recognizer palmprint identification: video capture palmprint identification system: camera, lens, pan , video capture card video transmission: cable video transmission equipment and the memory matrix: the DVR, a digital video recording device identification: a monitor, a display device, CCTV video surveillance equipment sensor network nodes: a low power, small size, high-performance all types of physical, chemical, biological, and the new sensor design, manufacture and packaging, the sensor network node, tag and reader, RFID tags and readers, multimedia information collection, real-time identification and geographic positioning systems and products。 The core control chip and embedded chips include: MCU, DSP, ADC, GUI, MEMS devices, protocol chip, micro-chip power management, interface control chip and chip integration, including a series of things all sectors of the control chip。
Communications technology and products include: NB-IOT, LORA, WLAN, UWB, Zigbee is, NFC, MESH, WIMAX, WIFI, RFID and other short-range high-frequency data transmission and the ad-hoc network devices and the integration of the core product, a heterogeneous network , sensor network interfaces, an access gateway; network architecture and data processing: a service-oriented architecture (the SOA), things cloud platform, network and information security, mass data storage and processing, networking address coding apparatus and products。 System integration and software: including middleware, network integration, multi-functional integration, hardware and software interface basic software, operating systems, application software, middleware, software and other products。
Smart home products: integrated wiring, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology and other related products; cloud computing: data center construction and operations, as well as service solutions, super-computing, cloud computing end-users products, services, and solutions, cloud application products;: intelligent parking systems, traffic management and control systems, signal and control equipment and vehicle positioning system, and so on; wearable technology exhibition: smart phones, smart watches, glove phone, smart bracelet, smart wear projector, finger detector, TacitProject gloves, the glasses, design, IC chips, lithium batteries (button cells), intelligent touch-screen, smart accessories (phone casing, the circuit board, lens, headset, lithium batteries (button cells)), application software, wristbands, wearable computer, a flash memory card (memory), glass lenses, detection equipment, LCD, TFT, AMOLED, touchscreen, analytical instrumentation。
Equipment: signs monitoring equipment, remote medical equipment, surgical assist robot and new medical equipment, etc.。 Participation Fee (Note: before October 30, 2017 signed a booth can enjoy a 5% discount) 1, Standard booth: 3㎡ × 3㎡ = 9m2; ordinary standard exhibition: 13800RMB / a; standard double-sided opening exhibition: 15800RMB / a; international exhibitors: 4000 US dollars yuan / month; standard booths including carpet, three panels, company name fascia board, one consulting desk, two chairs, two spotlights, one power socket (special electrical please explain in advance, Hall charged separately)。 2, interior space: Domestic exhibitors: RMB1200 yuan / square meters; international exhibitors: 2,000 yuan / square meters (36 square meters accrue) display rack space without any facilities, exhibitors can arrange for contractors to build or authorize the organizers recommended companies。
[2018] Asia-related activities scheduled networking technology innovation and application of innovation 2018RFID Development Forum Asia 2018 International Conference of wearable and AR / VR Industry Forum 2018 World Congress 2018 smart home networking and intelligent hardware industry new conference selection and fair selection awards ceremony, large-scale project promotion, product launches and so on; ◆ Forum: activities of the Assembly ad hoc business forum co-title, co-program costs another inquiry。 [Media campaigns, invite the audience] hundreds of professional media and mass media, website advertising and in-depth reports。 (Part) I, overseas professional media coverage and advertising support: Indian "ElectronicsForYou", Singapore "ECN", "ElectronicComponents", EUROTRADE, CompuTrade, components Allproducts。 II, professional advertising and media coverage support part, which greatly enhance their media exposure: "China Electronics News," "World of Things," "Things Chinese", "International Electronic Business", "EDN EDN" "Global Electronics", "application of electronic technique"。 Network part III: Netease, Sina, Sohu, Xinhua, CCTV network, HC electronics, Ali Baba, Huaqiang network, SAN FRANCISCO, Made in China。 1, issued by more than 200 professional media partners exhibition advertising and publicity text, uninterrupted propaganda Asia 2018 exhibition of things, for up to 10 months, the audience is expected to reach 40 million passengers; 2, in other issue related exhibition distribute, mail, etc. invitations, tickets, and other event-related invitation to visit the guide information 200 000, article 40 watts SMS group sending, for professional buyers, implement booking system, so that the audience quality assurance; 3, for the senior leadership of government departments, trade associations and professional bodies, the exhibition office by telephone, home visits, summit promotion, etc., invite industry executives to the meeting; 4, with the national 105 networking technology (such as RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, NB-IOT ……) And (such as logistics, industry, transportation, clothing, smart home ,, intelligent hardware……) Union institutions and associations in all areas of a partnership to help participants to invite relevant professionals, is expected to cover more than 200,000 people; 5, rooted in the networking industry for 11 years, has a total of 20 watts membership database, a month before the show 2 a telephone solicitation for professionals to visit the exhibition;] [co-sponsored by the organizing committee in order to maximize the effect of the exhibitors, sponsors achieve the purpose of the development strategy of the market。 Different sponsorship program formulated the following plan A plan B?Three solutions were each sponsor two details available on request!Particularly related to a separate industry several prizes, who participated in Asia (Beijing) International Exhibition of networking technology exhibitors have the opportunity to participate in the awards event, the General Assembly Awards Gold, Silver, Top Ten Brands Award, outstanding enterprise (and entrepreneurs), integrity pacesetter award; designated products, recommend products Award;] [regional advantages China's political and cultural center and the international Center leadership Center, Beijing leadership has business cooperation with domestic and international business communication as its radiation large scope, affecting a wide range, is any cities can not have the conditions。
2018 Asia (Beijing) International Exhibition of Things technology choice in Beijing to host, but also to ensure that the best interests of all participants of customers, it is higher than any city in the country has unparalleled marketing advantage。 Things exhibition of the birth of Asia, will create more favorable conditions for the development of China's Internet of Things industry。 [Application Procedures] 1, booth arrangement principles: first come, first pay, first arrangement。 2, to make arrangements for the exhibition as a whole become more rationalization and internationalization please fill out the "application and contract book" form and official seal fax or mail to the organizing committee; 3, to be effective after three exhibitors Registration working days to pay 50% of the participation fee deposit, otherwise the Organizing committee the right to adjust or cancel its scheduled booths, and the balance should be paid before 10 March 2018; 4, without the consent of the organizing committee, exhibitors single nullifying exhibition program, which paid the participation fee is not refundable; 5, without the consent of the Organizing committee exhibitors booth has been set may not be transferred, otherwise the Organizing committee the right to cancel their participation status; ★ NOTE: to ensure the overall exhibition the power of images, the Organizing committee is entitled to retain or change some exhibitors booth。 [Organizing Committee]。