Britain was involved in the theft of user information Facebook Survey: Analysis of application Cambridge office raided

  50 million user information stolen US social events on giant Facebook, has led to the intervention of the British regulatory authorities。   UK time on March 19 evening, according to Britain's Channel (Channel 4) TV reported that British privacy regulators Commission has information on local time March 19 later time, applications for Facebook privacy leak case involving the consulting firm Cambridge search warrant analysis (CambridgeAnalytica), which means that the UK will be officially investigating the case。
  CNBC's latest news, several British Members of Parliament have disclosure requirements analysis firm in Cambridge, Facebook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to provide evidence of associated。   DamianCollins members of the British Parliament in a letter to Zuckerberg, he will be required to disclose information regarding the Cambridge analyst firm, the British digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (digital, culture, MediaandSportCommittee) make a statement, and We are given a time limit of March 26。
  More than 50 million users on Facebook Digital Britain, culture, media and sport committee requested to make Zuckerberg explained in an open letter to local time on March 17, "The New York Times" and the British "Guardian" jointly published in-depth reports, exposure information is data analysis company called Cambridge consulting firm leaked for advertising push for the target audience in the 2016 US presidential election, which is about the election results。
  US time on March 19, Facebook said its company has hired StrozFriedberg court auditors to investigate and determine whether the company still retains Cambridge analyze those data。
  StrozFriedberg auditors have been in Cambridge tonight analysis of the London office fieldwork, March 19 evening, Facebook said in a statement, but the UK Office of Information Commission announced that it is applying to Cambridge personally conducted a search warrant on-site analysis of the survey, At his request, StrozFriedberg auditors before exit。   UK time on March 20, "Huffington Post" reporter in the UK GeorgeBowden on his personal Twitter wrote: one box filled with files from being moved out of the building where the analysis is headquartered in Cambridge。
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  "Huffington Post" correspondent said there were boxes full of files out of the building where the analysis is headquartered in Cambridge, but the file is a Cambridge analysis, but also unable to verify。 At the same time Britain is about to initiate an investigation, the US and EU legislators also asked to explain this to the current US presidential campaign team Trump consultancy services in 2016, how they acquired these data。
In the United States, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has more than MPs required to appear in court to explain the real behavior。   The message is an event, investors have holdings of Facebook。 US time on March 19 single trading day, Facebook share price experienced the largest decline in four years since, tumbled%, to $ 36.7 billion market value evaporated。   To make matters worse, "New York Times" reported that the March 19, Facebook's head of security Alex Stamos (AlexStamos) due to dissatisfaction with the company's policies and plans to leave。
It is said that he has been strongly advocated, should take positive measures regarding the investigation on the manipulation of Russia US election。   This time, overseas mainstream media are clearly not on the side of Facebook。   Reuters Tweets wrote Mark Zuckerberg also provides a deprecated Facebook users who reason。
  Reuters Tweets "New York Times" commentary said, is to monitor the use of the Facebook machine, its business model is to allow people to socialize on its website, thereby unwittingly fall into the monitor on Facebook。
  Bloomberg comments on the title of the article clearly expressed its position: the problem on Facebook, rather than Cambridge analysis (TheProblemIsFacebook, NotCambridgeAnalytica)。
  Rome was not built in a day。
Facebook suffered a public opinion of the crisis, continued its previously reduced to Russia has been discovered about 2016 US presidential election has a lot of tools。
  London-based analyst firm Cambridge denied the allegations reported in the media, and insisted that after learning the information does not comply with data protection rules, has removed all Facebook data obtained from third-party applications in 2014。
  However, Britain's Channel Four in late March 19 reported that the secret recording of the interview executives of Cambridge analysis, recording, executives boast that they have the ability to control the world through digital manipulation and traditional political means elections。