US officials confirmed to South Korea urged the inter-Korean cooperation and US-North Korean summit was successfully held

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Wang Huan] According to Japanese government sources, Japan's National Security Bureau Director Shotaro Yachi Local 18 in San Francisco, with the US president for national security affairs at McMaster, South Korean presidential chief of the National Security Zheng Yi soluble held talks。 In view of the Korean Workers' Party Chairman Kim Jong-un demonstrated willingness to denuclearization, three confirmed and will be working closely inter-Korean, US and North Korea summit talks bear fruit。   Japan's Kyodo News reported that the March 19, on North Korea to abandon its nuclear and missile development, the United States and Japan and South Korea tripartite consensus-building that must be complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the three parties also confirmed that North Korea continues to maximize put pressure on。   According to Japan's NHK television reported, South Korean Presidential Office 19 also announced that the United States and Japan and South Korea security officials since the 17th of this month held two days of talks in San Francisco。
Tripartite inter-Korean summit talks scheduled to be held end of next month, and is expected to be held before the end of May the US-DPRK summit consultations。 The three parties agreed that the failures of the past are not repeated is extremely important, and confirmed will work closely in the coming weeks。   NHK analysts believe that, given before the last two inter-Korean summit talks on the North Korea nuclear negotiations have failed to stop North Korea conducting research and development, the three parties agreed that the United States and Japan and South Korea should learn a lesson, take concrete actions verifiable denuclearization in North Korea, continue to applying maximum pressure。   Recent changes related to the Korean Peninsula, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman at a press conference January 16 stated that the nuclear issue should be resolved through political stick, diplomatic and peaceful means, which is the consensus of the international community。 The Chinese side is certainly positive changes in the situation on the peninsula, inter-Korean detente support, welcomed the proposed US-DPRK dialogue and contacts。 Meanwhile, China has always stressed that adhere to the denuclearization of the peninsula and to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula objectives, support to restart six-party talks。