Yang Shen has five "magic weapon", no matter how busy men do not fall!

  Kidney for us is very important, it bears many important tasks, such as excretion people the body's metabolic waste and hazardous substances, to maintain electrolyte balance in the body, promote red blood cell production, and so on。
So, we usually have to pay attention to healthy kidneys, so that becomes a daily habit。 So what we look at the more common method of Yang Shen have it。   1, protect the feet protect the feet, kidneys naturally good。 At the foot of the easiest way is with warm water foot bath every day, usually pay attention to good warm foot, because the foot is the source of the kidney, protect their feet, equivalent to indirect maintenance of good kidney。
  We need to note that, because the foot is the source of the kidney, so we usually best not to cold feet in a wet state, it will directly affect the kidneys and health effects。
  2, avoid constipation, constipation is a major obstacle holding back job, because constipation is very bad for the kidneys, can lead to intestinal flora imbalance, leading to kidney damage。
If constipation occurs, we can use the method of massage kidneys help defecation, if severe constipation, you can also use the drugs in a timely manner catharsis, so as not to cause more damage to the kidneys。   Holding back urine for similar damage kidneys and constipation, also lead to kidney damage invasion of endotoxin。   3, drinking water is the source of life, while the kidney is the root of life。 Plenty of moisture to make better kidneys perform various operations, a lighter burden on the kidneys, the kidneys often work in a healthy state, so drink plenty of water is the most direct effect, but beware, Yang Shen should also drink plenty of water control the amount of time a lot of water is not Yang Shen, but also a burden on the kidneys, and easily lead to electrolyte body out of balance, causing other adverse symptoms。   As shown, the need for high-quality sleep is a very common sleep is also very important thing 4。 A good night's sleep can make the kidneys get enough rest and eject a toxin-related kidney, the kidney to maintain a good working condition, to achieve good results。 And often poor sleep very essence hurt consumption。
  5, to control things in this room should be a lot of people are fully understood it, excessive sexual intercourse can lead people back pain and other adverse symptoms, this is because of excessive sexual essence injury caused。
So to, it will go moderation married life, keep the frequency to two or three times one week。