US House of Representatives passed 1.$ 3 trillion in government budget

Data for: a security guard on duty at the White House before。
  The same day, the House of Representatives with 256 votes in favor, 167 votes against by the government budget。 The trillion dollar bill including Trump emphasized that the United States increase military spending, strengthen border security and other content, including investment funds to deal with opiate crisis, the United States improve infrastructure。
  Next, the bill will be submitted to the Senate for consideration and vote。
Since Congress Democratic and Republican parties unable to agree on long-term government budget, the federal government began the 2018 fiscal year last October, he has been relying on Congress to maintain the operation through a temporary funding bill。
In January and February, due to the failure of Congress to pass a temporary funding bill, the government Trump has twice forced to "close"。
  Provisional Appropriation Bill Congress February 9 can be maintained by the federal government running until March 23, which means that the Senate must be in at 0:00 on the 24th before the new budget and handed over to Trump signed, otherwise Trump government will once again "close"。 However, as long as there is a senator opposed to the government "shut down" the situation is likely to recur。 In early February, is due to Republican Senator Rand Paul, a man boycott, the Senate failed to pass a temporary funding case, the federal government was forced to "technical business" hours。
  Senator Paul 22 am on social media, said his office printers spent more than two hours to finish this bill, "2232, the House of Representatives has voted, the Senate should vote immediately。
No one read it。
"" Capitol Hill newspaper, "said Republican until 21 evening before the publication of the contents of the bill, there is not enough time to consider the bill is leading to some Republican lawmakers in the House voted against an important reason。   However, the US media generally believe that the bill was able to pass in the Senate。 The same day, the White House budget director Mal Varney said Trump supported the bill, he is looking to sign as soon as possible。