Mortgage loan interest rates go up line "selling one to buy a" convergence difficult | Loans

      According to recent media reports, the four lines in Beijing the first suite of loan interest rates go up a minimum of 5%; Guangzhou, Shenzhen four lines first mortgage interest rates go up 10%, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing part of the joint-stock banks go up 20%。
As for the Guangzhou market, according to financial data 360 at present, and the first suite of high loan interest rates, achieve benchmark times, but China Resources Bank of the first mortgage is still 10% discount。
HSBC Bank is under the provisions of a loan of 150 million, the first set up 10%, 150 million yuan float is 5%, then the two sets of floating unified 11%。
One million loans for 25 years, has required monthly 6,000 yuan, according to the first Fusan Cheng calculations, the loan amount can only buy more than 1.42 million yuan of the house, maybe even the "old broken small" can not afford。
If you want to buy two million houses over a million a month for sloppy norm。     Even "hard bite" floating high interest rates, the timely loan is still unknown。
According to reports, the Shenzhen partial amount of the mortgage tense, customers line up loans for up to four months。
A bank mortgage manager, said, "We now have a good several hundred million here did not put out, the customer has been transacted mortgage, and now wait in line loans, is currently into last November's customers。
"In November last year, should lenders, which projected transaction may deal in September last year, and so on foot almost half a year before lenders, this 'turtle speed' lending greatest impact, the owners of the single chain 'a buying and selling', buyers can not pay the balance due new house payment can not keep up, the risk of default arises chain。 Early last year, Guangzhou property market heavy volume of transactions, the mortgage loan application backlog also, after last September after another loan to ease the pressure, but the original amount of tension has been the market norm。 This is likely to affect trading wards customers to change sync mode, it must sell to buy, Chibidaigou, but most people do not want this operation because it can synchronize trading market to avoid the risk of price fluctuations。 First to buy after selling Chibidaigou, this model has been prevalent in the market Yishoufang。 Due to reduced pre-sale housing, developers tend to choose a higher down payment customers, cash-rich buyers or not to become a decisive factor in competition listing。   For buyers, rely on loan "advanced money" home, which is also an important factor in the development of the property market。 The proportion of buyers from the point of view, a one-time payment of loans and the proportion of long-term are at about 7: 3, if the owners bent on waiting time payment customers, a 30% probability of seemingly small, but the share assigned to each regional breakdown, some areas may be 9: 1 ratio; period of time payment from the customer's point of view appears, some time or even 10: 0, that is, unless the customer does not need to spend, otherwise it takes a long time to wait for what is unknown one-time payment that occurs when the customer。   Reporters interviewed the property market over the years, come across the "selling one to buy a" one-off payment was on the convergence period was 2013, when the "new national five", the sale of dual-wang, a friend's house selling days of Hebei, purchase the Dongfeng Plaza degree room, day Hebei buyers one-time payment, therefore she can also be a one-time payment at the time of purchase Dongfeng Plaza degree room, two transactions completed in a month。
Probability of close friends, met a one-time payment is very low, the government needs to happen is a reserve to protect houses, friend sold a listing of the region, government departments through an intermediary to complete the transaction, a one-time payment of loan。
Therefore, the owners sell their houses to wait for bank lending, which has a high probability event, "selling one to buy a" customer must be handled with care to trading hours。