After confession

In the New Year's night, I finally inner torment, really can not wait any longer。Cangzaixinli too long, the pain will only increase rather than decrease。I saw her online, in a tense situation and wait for them to act immediately, I Qiaoxia words:“One thing has been buried in my heart for a long time, and today I want to tell you: I love you。Anyway, I just want to say it。”    After these words made in the past, breathed sighs of relief, but the tension is also not reduced, on the contrary, while waiting for her reply, the results just feel like awaiting trial。    “Oh”What, a gentle word, but do not know the answer means。And soon the reply:    “Thank you for your indulgence。”    I already know the result, although a little disappointed, but not very sad, thought to come out that way, of course, be denied that there is no uncomfortable is fake。    “We are still friends, right”    “Ok!”    We are friends, later also a friend, does not change anything。There are too many like this after confession, they just like street people into embarrassing thing。However, I do not see a kind of confession on a flower heart, I love the attitude is single-minded。If the confession fails, I will not be reluctant to start again。I'm not the kind of people dead wrapped Cookin, you do not like, I would not have。Before because do not understand how to deal with such a result, only the embarrassment of a stranger bye。    After only experienced people, will grow, to mature, some loss is normal。We Goodbye friends, I will not be embarrassed, I will smile and say hello to her。I would like her own feelings say it is not wrong to do so, than buried in the bottom of my heart, do not say it much better。Even if she refused, just like her, too, she was happy to meet again。    She said, we are still friends。Yes, we are friends。So, we will come out to see a face or something。Although usually often they meet, but the links between each other too little。Now, after she refused, I reflect, thinking, why I rejected。I know that the key is that we know too little about。We meet every day, just play hello。We really can not think of how many have private exchanges, are nothing less work to do。If I were you, suddenly no one what a normal exchanges confession, I was also stunned, at a loss。However, not in front of witnesses, for us, there would be no harm。But it hurt me a。Not hurt you, I would not be too got the idea。    Think of the past, like a girl, to be made“Talk of the town”,“Thinly veiled”Ganxiu point before I agree, and now I feel hurt each other。Think about it, much against my people。He was young, things do not consider too much, too deep, more of a self-righteous, think you are clever。Then I, is a SB。Later, he did not meet with the girl, met, and how, that kind of embarrassment and guilt still exist, do not want to have this happen。    I'm falling out of love, sad only temporarily, will eventually eliminate, not just fate to nothing, their own love has not yet appeared。But a lot of growth, the feelings will be more rational, like the face of people who will not flinch, like to speak out boldly。This time, I finally say it, the result is not important, at least I've progressed。    Since she refused, calm acceptance, wrapped Cookin want to die, do not disturb others。Barely good, maybe I am such a person, I do not like to make life difficult for people。I wish her well, wish her happy。