With manufacturing Yangquan police investigate the case of network rumors

  Taiyuan March 22 (Reporter SONG super) Yangquan City Public Security released news that 22 local police investigated and dealt with according to the law case rumors Manufacturing Network。   According to reports, March 18, 2018, Yangquan police network in the online inspection found that a "taxi on new energy during the city's motor vehicle odd and even number lines free ride notice," the picture quickly spread on the Internet, causing hot Internet users , so that users real to the enemy, seriously disrupting social order。 In this regard, police investigation quickly。 After verification verification, tamper with this picture from Yangquan Yangquan Daily News reported on the limit line during the free bus ride。   Police on the one hand the joint use of various channels of media rumor, on the other hand to quickly investigate rumors maker。
After a lot of work, three morning of May 20, police arrested the suspected offender Zhao。
  In the face of overwhelming factual evidence, Zhao account, because the hearts Recently bored, just to see the "limit line during the free Yangquan City by bus," the news pictures, so where micro letter sent to the group will be modified after picture, did not expect to cause enormous social impact。