Fire, theft, fraud prevention in approaching overseas Chinese pay attention to safety

BEIJING, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) (Wang Shi Yao) in 2017 is nearing completion near the end of the year, Chinese citizens living abroad to be thought of in a safe, "fire, theft, fraud prevention," the essential consciousness。
Chinese embassies and consulates in many countries for the welfare of overseas Chinese citizens, overseas Chinese, and issued several security alerts, call for attention on a number of issues。
[Precautionary measures are not "burn"] California wildfires into a sea of fire went out of control from the beginning in early December, Southern California fires have been raging for several days, and is still continued to burn。 As of December 12 (hereinafter both local time) afternoon, the fire destroyed the area has reached hectares, more than 200,000 people forced to evacuate their homes。 Currently, almost all schools have been closed Santa Barbara Close。
The large number of Chinese students has increased Santa Barbara inform students, the final exam will be postponed to the New Year in early January, most of the students have an emergency evacuation。 Los Angeles Fire Department announced the cause of the fire where a wildfire on the 12th, the fire is the fire in the valley near the point of homeless people camping picnic cause。
Therefore, we need to be careful when traveling, avoid irreparable consequences。 In addition, the Chinese Consulate General in Tijuana recently issued notice that, since December, Mexico under the California and more number of fires occur due to dry and hot, causing some casualties and property losses, Tijuana 122 fires occurred in the city within three days。 Thus, in the ink consulate remind Chinese citizens pay attention to fire prevention。
In addition due to Droughts or human-induced fires, there is a "fire" we also need a lot of attention!Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar released nearly 20 security alerts, called on Chinese citizens to Bali cautious。
From the beginning of the end of September, the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar released nearly 20 security alerts, only one thing – India Nie Gong volcano。
Upgrade Agung volcano eruption from the level of activity to continue, the consulate constantly issued a bulletin to remind Chinese citizens pay attention to safety, not to go to the relevant area。 This natural disaster nature of the "fire" because it could not prevent this from happening, so Chinese citizens before leaving for overseas somewhere, learn more about the local situation, and log consulate website to see if there is a security alert。 However, we encountered the chance of a volcanic eruption should not be too high, so some families to learn more about fire safety knowledge more necessary。 Winter family fire six taboo: a bogey to rest during cooking。 Second, avoid overload patch panel。 Three bogey blanket open all night。 Four bogey never hidden investigation。 Five Note blocked escape routes。
Bogey six lack of fire safety knowledge。 [Prevent] the end of robbery entered the high incidence of robbery, theft, Chinese Embassy and consulates in many countries have issued a bulletin to remind the consular district of Overseas Chinese to strengthen security。
In November, Johannesburg, South Africa regions had several cases involving the safety of Chinese citizens occurred, some overseas Chinese looting, theft and other accidents, casualties and property losses。 In the same month, Zambia also many criminal cases in Chinese citizens looting and theft occurred and caused casualties of Chinese citizens。 This year, Costa Rica theft, robbery frequent, and more for the crime gun。 According to the local Chinese Embassy it is understood that the robbers were armed people committing the crime gang, and more will advance check out the location observed in the surrounding shops, the store clerk before committing the crime number, camera location, time of the crime, mostly in the evening or at night, and many people choose the surrounding traffic is not much less in-store retail staff as a target。 The Chinese Embassy in Russia had also announced that, with the Christmas and New Year approaching, robbery and theft cases in Russia, in particular, showed multiple cases of momentum for Chinese。
According to the Chinese Consulate General in Florence recently released data show that in mid-2017, Chinese citizens who travel documents were stolen and the Consulate General to re-submit documents has reached 293 people。
Safety Tips: First, when back home, can not be insensitive, be sure to shut doors and windows。 Stranger knocked on the door to be vigilant to prevent burglary cases occur。 When leaving home, lock the door confirmed, long light house work, activating an alarm warning device (if any)。 Second, when traveling, take good care of important identity documents。 Please get your passport, residence visa and a copy of relatives and friends left to national reserve, will be stored separately from the documents and belongings。 Such as a passport is lost or stolen, please report the loss to the local police station as soon as possible and contact the Embassy or Consulate to re-submit travel documents。
Third, good care of luggage and personal belongings, baggage and personal belongings do not leave eyes, their hands, especially in large local airports, train stations and other high traffic of。
There are money and documents should be placed on the chest backpack, do not leave valuables in the car or hotel room。 Do not carry large amounts of cash, cash and store it separately。
Do public display of wealth, such as high-end electronic equipment, jewelry and other valuable items。 Fourth, try to go hand in hand, to avoid acting alone, to avoid visiting remote areas, try not to travel at night。
When such people encounter is approached, the behavior of a collision or other distractions, the first time to confirm belongings safe guard against theft gang。 Fifth, car travel, do not stop after the baggage on the car, so the car smashed, baggage theft。 In the event of property stolen, robbed after, please alert。 Beware of scams [] Data for: police uncovered numerous cross-border telecommunications fraud。
China news agency reporters Zhong Xin and She Zui recently, frequently cheated because Chinese citizens overseas Chinese embassies and consulates in the world and more have released anti-cheat reminder。
In November, Canada appears for Chinese students frequently fraud gang crime。 First they pretend to Chinese institutions abroad, claiming that the students were involved in a major, Interpol is investigating and hunt down the student, to the students scared now in hiding and cut off all communication。 The gang then turned to blackmail the parents of students in the country, students and parents can not contact, really believe that the child has been abducted, we had to pay the crooks。 The Chinese Embassy in Australia has continuously received more than Chinese citizens reflects suffer telephone fraud。
Fake caller consulate personnel to important documents and consulates need to receive, to be postponed or re-submit documents expired, involving international criminal cases need to cooperate with the investigation, suspected of financial fraud need to freeze bank accounts, etc. and ask for bank account information and , online transfer or payment of a fee, or call back the phone for further contact, etc.。 For fraud phone use more technology, phone number hidden or disguised as Chinese embassies and consulates phone number, with a strong deceptive。 In addition to counterfeit consulate staff, a liar but also a huge property detained by mail, ask for payment of "facilitation payments" in the form of deception。
In addition, fraudsters can charge d'affaires, said the Australian work visa in Malaysia, after the high visa agency fees charged to Chinese citizens disappeared intentionally Australia, causing property losses of victims of large。 Some of them act as an intermediary labor agency involved in the meantime, found themselves cheated continues to impose high agency fees to other victims, so that more Chinese citizens in trouble。
For fraud form, means ever-changing, Chinese citizens living abroad should polish his eyes, to guard against fraud!Anti-cheat Tips: 1.Keep all kinds of personal information and family members, not to disclose bank account numbers, home address to strangers; 2.Strangers received a phone call "traffic accident", "the boy was kidnapped," "accidental death of their loved ones" and be sure to cool when the information to be verified by other sources and then deal with the situation; 3.Embassies and consulates in accordance with the law most closely guarded private information of citizens, nor in any capacity demands of citizens transfers, remittances; 4.Police, courts, prosecutors, banks and other institutions are not simply a way to call to inform arrears, debt, credit card advances, money laundering, but does not provide so-called security account or deposit account, or ask for online banking passwords; 5.Failing to calm analysis, calmly encountered or suspected fraud, contact the local police immediately or call the nearest bank staff, embassies phone。
6.If you can not recognize it as a fraud phone, hang up after dialing the local Chinese Embassy recommended consulates consular protection duty calls, or call 12308 hotline, request the relevant information about the transfer and consulates further verification。
7.Once taken, keep the evidence, rational rights through legal channels, to avoid damage to their legitimate rights and interests。 Editor: Fei Fan。