How autumn and winter health?Health tips to teach you (1)

  1, Yin drink plenty of water and dried autumn and winter evaporation of water per day through the skin at least 600 ml replenishment is essential therefore。
An adult day drink minimum for 1500 ml, 2000 ml drink in the autumn in order to ensure lubrication of the lungs and respiratory tract。  Although for health, weight loss, beauty and other recommended lots of drinking water every day, but without thirst, the one-time drink lots of water, in violation of physiological needs, it will cause the opposite effect, the body of water beyond the amount necessary, increase the moisture content of the cells expansion, the worst result will cause "water intoxication" to endanger life。
The correct amount of water to be adjusted according to the amount of the daily activities of people every day, under normal circumstances, at least drink a day?2L water。Water amount per 1 control?2 cups。  2, some people are more clothes to keep warm careless, cold weather did not add clothes; some people to beautiful, original wear less, not buckle jacket。
Big day morning and evening when cold, it is easy to catch cold abdominal。Especially the spleen and stomach of women, in the event of cold weather, it will stomach pain, diarrhea, this is a natural reaction of the gastrointestinal tract, the best and most easy way is to put on more, especially in the abdomen package was Bayao tight spot。  The primary criterion for selecting winter is warm。
Among the cloth, wool, polyvinyl chloride, acrylic, silk, cotton, viscose Acetate warm up, and nylon, polypropylene, polyester high thermal conductivity, is not suitable for cold。The more cloth contained in the air, the better the thermal。Thick silk and wool fabric containing a large amount of air, warm enough。Especially wool fabric pores are not straight, and therefore, better warmth。  3, toward evening drink after drink honey winter will often feel thirsty, light drinking water, can not resist the autumn dryness。Body of water, will soon be evaporated or excreted, therefore, should "Zhao Zhao, honey soup every evening."。During the day it is to drink salt water, night drink honey water, which is both a good way to supplement the body of water, but also a fall health, resist aging diet recipe, but also can prevent constipation caused due to autumn dryness, threefold。  Salt the role of heat, cooling blood, detoxification, early morning wake up drink a glass of fasting, help down as kidney, maintaining smooth stool, improve digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal etc.。There fill in the moistening, pain relief, detoxification。Take honey before going to bed every day 10?The role of 20 ml, with warm water transfer service, not only can the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and blood, as well as calming, sedative, Chufan。
In addition, water and honey also prevent the effect of high blood pressure。Sodium salt contains a large amount, may cause high blood pressure, high potassium content and honey, help flush out excess sodium vivo。
  4, pay attention to the prevention of diet Qiuzao eat some moist, warm-based foods, such as: sesame, walnut, rice, etc.。It may also be appropriate to eat pungent, sour, vegetable or GAN efficacy with lower lung, especially white radish, carrot。
Although the autumnal equinox health to eat more "bitterness" mainly fruits and vegetables, but also can not eat too much, too much support, so as to avoid stomach Indigestion。It is worth recalling that, after the beginning of winter cold atmosphere increasingly rich, if their bad stomach, diarrhea often people eat a lot of fruits are likely to cause or aggravate the disease。