Lemon lower blood pressure!Eat good health (1)

  The flavonoid antioxidants are beneficial to vascular health, while rich VC can also increase nitric oxide levels in the human body, and then relax the body, dilation of blood vessels, lowers blood pressure。Lemon water to drink, then calcium ions can alleviate promote blood clotting effect, thereby preventing or adjuvant treatment of high blood pressure。
  But still want to emphasize, lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension just to stay in the role of an auxiliary level oh, if you notice sudden high blood pressure or high blood pressure, or to timely eat antihypertensive drugs。
  And the role of 1.Although hot weather Sheng Jin appetizers eat Pickle, slightly bitter, not like other fruits eaten raw as fresh, but the lemon peel is rich in aromatic volatile components, fluid can be hot weather, appetizers Xingpi。Shushi heavier summer, a lot of people lassitude, loss of appetite often after work or study for a long time, drink a glass of lemon soaked in water, fresh sour taste of cool people aroused, but also open the appetite。
  Western used in the multi-flavored seafood, remove odor smell, Southeast Asian food is cooked directly with it, in order to highlight its sweet and sour taste。
Our Southerners love to eat roast duck, roast goose, a lemon and ultimately the spices。
  2.Prevention of cardiovascular disease are rich?And vitamin P, can enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and toughness, preventing and treating hypertension and myocardial infarction symptoms。In recent years, foreign studies have also found that an approximate lime containing insulin, it can reduce the abnormal blood glucose level。  3.Phlegm can expectorant。
Lemon peel of citrus stronger than expectorant。
Hot and humid summer weather, if you do not pay attention to diet, outside wet and wet inside the body's natural climate of mutual induction, smoldering course of time can be phlegm dampness。
Therefore, the summer phlegm, throat discomfort, the juice with warm water and a little salt, can be successfully accumulated throat coughed up sputum。  4.Anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory rich in C, the role played by the human body like a natural antibiotic, has anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, and enhance the variety of the human immune system, can usually drink plenty of water to maintain the body。
  Fives.If the cosmetic contains B1, vitamin B2, vitamin?And other nutrients, but also rich in organic acids, citric acid, lemon is a highly alkaline food, have a strong antioxidant effect, very effective in promoting skin metabolism, anti-aging and inhibiting pigmentation。  6.If the TCM antiemetic Guangdong and said "in Cantonese" reads: "should mother and child, very sour taste, liver deficiency in pregnant women addicted, Hence mother advised。
When cooked, people bidding to more possession and after long years of age as yet, on behalf of juice vinegar。"That is to say, pregnant women can put some lemon in bed, sniffing up in the morning, there is the effect of the elimination of morning sickness。