The feet corns harm corns Notes

Hazard feet long, corns believe many people have the president, in particular, long-term alternative walking or wearing shoes, the foot corns What are the dangers it together and small series to see the introduction of foot corns harm it!The feet corns harm life, corns greatest harm is the result of sensory nerve endings oppression papillary layer cause a painful, very painful when walking foot corns people, hands corns do things very inconvenient, with Corn not only bring a lot of discomfort, back on the human body to bring a lot of pressure mentally。
After the teenagers suffering from corns as long-term healing, is likely to lead to leg deformity to children are in the growth phase。 Thus, for corn increased attention, is very important, suffering from the disease during the treatment time, is also supposed to be curing, of course, when treatment can not be arbitrary treatment。
The feet corns how long do due for a special period, not to abuse drugs, so you can use diet and physical methods to treat corns。
Corn treatment of many, various corrosive agents commonly used, such as salicylic acid。
Plaster cut may be a central circular hole, consistent with the size of corns, affixed to the affected area, is exposed to corns, salicylic sprinkled powder, and then the closure plaster。 General 3?5 days dressing once after each dressing prior to removal of residual powder, full with hot water, and scrape the softened keratin, until all excluded Corn。
The feet corns harm Also note the following aspects: 1.Choose the right, loose shoes to avoid foot deformities。
2.When a portion of the foot felt squeezing and friction, should be selected corn pad, cis-toe, toe, a toe guards and other sets of Podiatric brace, to reduce friction and extrusion。 3.When the soles of the feet corns and mats formed later, it may be specific or nonspecific wear orthopedic insoles to change the foot force, reduce the friction effects in order to achieve。