After losing selfie friends Brent: There are feelings selfie!Brain problems now

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: In the game last night, Germany and Mexico, the German team upset 0-1 loss to Mexico, which makes the fans in recent years, the habit of victory was very disappointed after the game Britney teenager special smiling selfie led to fans unhappy, have Tucao "lose in such a way that you still feel selfie?"Leverkusen striker who Brent was born in 1996, just turned 22 years old, the World Cup is his first World Cup, the final minutes of the game off the bench, to usher in his World Cup debut。At this time, the German team already 0-1 behind after the debut, although Brent foot shot great threat, but unfortunately hit the post and failed to help the German team to tie the game。After the game, in the locker room on the way back, Brandt did not directly go back, but stopped in front of the stands, pick up the phone, smiling selfie, a move that angered fans are very angry, on the Internet said, "You can still smile out, " 'there is still time selfie Brent, it seems that everything is okay'," and also the fans selfie?Brain problem now. " ……Fans face of criticism and accusations, Brent final out, explains: "I was in the channel, the little boy screamed and asked if I could photo, I had not thought anything else, he was just a child , I will grant his request, he picked up the phone and his photo, that's all。"From the picture it seems indeed Brent and child next interaction, there are some rational fans expressed their understanding that there was nothing to blame。