Chinese people in Singapore was hit and killed by bike hit the bus shattered glass

May 26 electric 25 early 6:20, Woodlands 8, 9 and Gan bus at the junction of the road, a bicycle and a bus collided with a Chinese guest workers cyclists dodge killed on the spot!Guest worker named Zhang Yongchang, 44 years old, work in Senoko (Senoko) area。
He was cycling from Woodlands 8, go to Gan Road bus。 When crossing the street, he crossed the sidewalk to ride, was suddenly left to travel the 964 bus route junction of the mouth knocked down。 Bus drivers after the panic recalled that he obviously has a whistle and emergency brake, but was too late to avoid, he collided with a bicycle。
From the badly damaged bus windshield, one can imagine the intensity of the big hit at the time!As can be seen from the scene photographs, on the ground full of blood, bike stuck under the bus, shape distortion, it is likely to be and the bus collided with a bicycle, but also moving forward for about 10 meters before it stopped。 After the accident, police immediately sealed off the Woodlands three lanes 8, resulting in a large traffic jam, until 10:30, the trailer was towed to the bus, forensic scientists arrived at the scene to remove the remains of the deceased。
The bus company owned SMRT said that for that to happen I feel sad, will spare no effort to assist the police investigation。 ▲ (cycling regulations) under the provisions of the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, cyclists when crossing the road, must be at walking speed。 It is therefore recommended cyclist to get off, and over the sidewalk carts。
(Singapore Eye) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。