Between a graceful water, tenderness no words

There is a feeling, not in reality, only in a dream, across the clouds, across the brothels, across the vast land, a lifetime, can not go spend。So quietly standing, Mu wind, rain Mu, Mu frost moonlight, between cloud water across pairs or forget themselves。Whether read the heart, or fall to dust, it is a different kind of beauty。    Between earthly troubles, some fate this is the day set。Red misty road, there will always be a man quietly walked into your life, become a landscape。Perhaps, with each other without any commitment, do not constrained to one another, and take a ride the storm, a glimpse, it is doomed destined。In some cases, this fate without having to tighten his hands, not to go too close, has a moderate distance will be good。Thousands of miles beyond, lightly worried about, quietly yearning, do not panic do not disturb, tepid, not ambiguous, but the heart of Tibetan Qiannian。You just well, I go, do not have the injury, only a mortal world most pure encounter。    Meet always hate late, how early is late。Zhang eye clouds thousands of miles, thousands of miles of mountains, but road is also right close horizon, one, an idea, are so closely aligns。Clear sky sun dance, across the water deep affection。Perhaps Cheng pulls, maybe next life, all the margin is in the eyes gazing deep。    “Body phoenix Flying wing minds think alike,”It was the most perfect encounter the Red want to read it?Savor the original invisible reality is always a wall, let us always sigh sigh twist of fate, unable to break free of the emotional tie him down, the desire to get out of prison。Smoothies, clear joy, stood quietly across, enjoy each other, not approached, no harm, make their own world and have a space to each other, they also share the holy love it as compelling!    Wilderness, long cigarette, leaves。Dimei, nodded, any missing pen flow into poetry。Mind you, even through the cold water, there are shallow warmth。Eileen Chang said:“Lonely people have their own quagmire。”You lonely, lonely for you, for you forgot the way home。Liao Hua shore swaying a touch of sadness, Jian green lotus listening to the rain, mountains reflection river as curved Meidai。    Pavilion, the trail, broken rain, Han Yan, Boats, flee from the time。Clouds cleared, the Red Ann warm, if you well, what luxury?Blossom, rain breeze, preferring to wait for a pure, do not want to profane the kindness of a cavity。Not perfect, they do not expect eternal, there is no commitment, then conscience worthy。Quietly to quietly walk, you do not want to bring the world after the aroma, and then leaving a desolate。Because they know, so compassionate, because the treasure was not hurt。Walking, watching, worried about, even if one day, the horizon two do not, you do not need to be sad, I came to your world, and not much else!    Love is not a commitment, but a heart to heart blend, you have a me, I have you a。Hut bamboo fence, a couch roll ink, a blue lamp, a lotus。Chayan quiet, secluded Fine, mind empty out, Bodhi open down, delightful flower thirty-two, spring and autumn half-window wind, no shadow。Over the past do not ask, do not ask the future, I like you like, between you and me, love the landscape, you spectrum of a Red joys and sorrows。    No commitment of love, but love is always bitter cup。He did not want to taste the glycol, and without trying to be that drunk。If the elegant lotus, faint companions, cultivation of the mind for the city, seeding, you no I'm not sad, I have you do not like。Dramas charming flowers, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves, flowers, desolate interpretation alone, where there are from the War?Spend this life, as similar to the afterlife, because the turbulence was so staggered between earthly。    Reeds grass, the dew is not Xi。The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side。In the Book of where to find you, find you in poetry, the far shore overlooking Acacia moon, night after night as see the other side of you。Although all revel, earthly things shall pass empty, but your eyes, your eyebrows, your intoxicating dimples, my life get out of the city, drunk dyed fleeting, stunning of the time。Roll by, I heard Muyu, expel your shadow, you open the branches in the years of the millennium, years, at heart, the lips, secretly secretly enchanting charm。    Breeze rain, dash of tenderness, with several dream, a dream are all dust。Spring distance, close up Xiahe, Qiushuiyiren, go hard snow on the wind took a total of Shou Qing Ning, Jun aware ray Qingchou?Plum proud since there are lofty, lotus Tibetan Zen goods from expensive, not pro, good, rich fleeting, enchanting the arched brows, happy, smiling, sweet drunk at the center also。    Turn Qianshan, involving Wan-shui, countless love。Love one thousand Su, read this predicament, difficult time negative, infatuation several times?Lingering love, love tempting treasure speechless。Lin quiet, thin autumn, eachother, tenderness dash?Sigh only sigh, butterfly Butterfly fly, but the gloomy after all, holding love away with hope, the dream turned clear Red is empty!    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