That night, I was lazy nest on the sofa magazine absently look, I inadvertently touched a nerve statements as a barbed Rose jumped into my eyes: the Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan?Lightly but it is changing people, but changeable path so people。Lishan language clear night and a half strike, tears Yue Ling Ling does not complain final。Ru heartless silk clothing Lang, the day is willing to fly wing to wing with sticks。Lo, those things that year that person seems immediately came back to me。    I still remember the fall of that year, had a quiet campus, suddenly raged!Our class had come a“Alien”——Guy (Wei Jia Xuan) from the county。What a poetic name!One to know is poetic boys。Maybe he is a red paint toilet——Shiny?In our little country this rare“Foreign objects”The appearance, his appearance will undoubtedly attract the attention of many girls, especially our proximity to these girls is gearing up to try。Surprisingly there are spies tell me the next day squad:“Mouth woman”Even without our consent on a pre-emptive。She quietly early in the morning put a big red heart in sweet potato“Alien”Drawer, like that sweet potato Shamao as steaming, curl aroma permeates the classroom, it is tempting!Well, how can we tolerate such“Rookie start it?So I slyly to next“Spectral Essence strange”Winking, she immediately take the hint。Sweet potato in an instant flew on the teacher's podium, red belly raw and immediate, really terrible!“Ha ha ha……”The classroom was laughter,“Mouth woman”Eyes staring at me angrily,“Alien”Exposing the unspeakable embarrassment expression, I then triumphantly laughing!The original gives the blow was so fun ah!    The next few days, I still wait and see, the girls team seemed calm on the surface, my heart can not help but secretly proud: You“Alien”Joseph can get long, has existed only watch it, there is real skill is the last word, you look a bit hit test, I can not be lenient。    The first exam was coming so fast, I do not have any ready to rush the end of the。Exam results come out naturally took a big step backward, shaking his leading man turned out to be“Alien”。I was so angry teeth!He was not the original red paint on the toilet, I've never seen the literary talent is beautifully, really a first-rate scholar。The first time I sleep, caught in an infinite reflection……    Without warning one day,“Spectral Essence strange”Secretive came to tell me that someone like a curious coincidence“Alien”。“what?Which way the gods?”I shouted angry。“Spectral Essence strange”Pretending to be calm word from the crevices of the teeth out:“You ah!”“I?impossible!”I tried to deny that, as rattle shaking his head, and my heart seems to have strings trembling, his face burning with fever。    Class the next day I could not help but cast a glance at the corner of“Alien”He really looks as handsome as scholar, trim nose embedded in the middle sunken eyes, giving melancholy yet cool feeling。I nervously recover peripheral vision, straight ahead, want to stop and listen to the teacher, but unfortunately it lose control of the melon head like gruel——Confused, one would not listen to。The second exam is in turn unknowingly, the results of which takes me back to the liberation fight, believe they retreated more than a dozen。After school, I was alone secretly hid parasol tree sobbing outside the school playground, I cry out my grievance or remorse?Dappled sunlight pouring through the tree leaves down off the floor spots, broken, shaking, stimulate my eyes, my heart is cold wind。    “Hey, the weather today is really good, ah, autumn!”A familiar and unfamiliar body image ghostly drifting, gentle lips as light as a thin wing, one of a。what?I did not dare look to see“Alien”When comes along?From his serious expression where I can not see the slightest irony ingredients。My tears flowed down the rushing stream……“Put you down a few times exam?You really great, but this exam a few times you do not take full advantage of your true strength, nothing intentionally to。”He sat down next to me carefully, furrow eyes staring at me,“I'm actually a repeater, do not you think so much。”“what?You are repeaters?”I seem to find myself these two exams basket scoop a strong reason there is the slightest surprise, wiped away tears skeptical and said:“No way?You do not comfort me。”“I'll tell you a secret, you do not tell anyone ah!My parents were divorced, they are happy for their own abandoned me, I'm like a broken line kite floating around, or my poor grandmother took me in, you gave me a lot of fun and gave me back courage to live。”His eyes flashing, full of complex expression, there is no choice, there are little expectations,“Although life is like drama, drama is like life, but in any case a heavy blow, we have to confront, to play as much as possible to play more exciting, you say you?”See rarely talk of the day he actually talks about life。I held his shoulder and slowly stood up, looked set given to him, and then immediately separated as electric shock, forced out of the long-lost smile, but my mind was“Thump thump”Pounding……The final reason over everything, we quietly sit down and talk a lot about the topic of an ideal life, and meet three years after each admitted to the ideal university, then……。    The following months, we seem to be back to their own lives, looks far-fetched smile, silently blessing。    It was at the end of the semester, due to job transfers father, our family away from home with his father came to Changsha。In snowy morning, I quietly in“Alien”Language book clip a piece of paper and a pen a thoughtful: love does not have to lead their lives, subtle fragrance floating just, decisive and ruthless not, I want you to remember: When you first view each other's smile。    Does he like me recall the night of that year those things those people?