United States frequent inter-Korean dialogue interaction, Peninsula reentry track?

The picture shows a unified Court Panmunjom DPRK side, the two Koreas, Japan and Korea on behalf of the handshake Xinhua News Agency issued US officials in charge of security affairs, on March 17-18, met in Los Angeles, the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, inter-Korean and matters DPRK summit meeting exchanged views。
Since Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, Peninsula issue is getting warmer, the parties to the North Korean nuclear re-entered the track of dialogue and communication。
  Peninsula to pick up after the fourth, fifth and sixth nuclear test, the DPRK nuclear issue continue to simmer, become the focus of the UN Security Council and the international community's attention。 South Korea, "Central Daily" said, Pyeongchang Winter Olympics held as a spring breeze blowing peninsula。
During the Winter Olympics, the delegation of the two Koreas were unified engine flag into the hall, a joint team up for competition, the two sides have conducted close communication during the Games and talks。   South Korea's presidential Blue House has announced that South Korea dispatched to Cheong Wa Dae Chief of the National Security Zheng Yi, head of the special delegation dissolved visit to the DPRK, the two sides agreed to hold a summit at the end of April the side of Panmunjom, South Korea。 Should successful, this will be the first meeting since 2007 between the heads of Korea。
  It is reported that Zheng Yi dissolved then went to the United States introduced the outcome of the DPRK, the US president announced that Trump agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un before the end of May, the White House and Trump himself to be confirmed later。
  The result of this "dramatic" drew international media shocked。   Yonhap has reported that, on March 17-18, Assistant US national security adviser Herbert McMaster, South Korea Cheong Wa Dae, the National Security Office Director Zheng Yi Rong, director of Japan's National Directorate of Security Shotaro Yachi met in Los Angeles on matters relating to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, inter-Korean summit talks with North Korea and US exchanged views。 According to Reuters, the two-day meeting, the United States and Japan and South Korea and North Korea were discussed thoroughly denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula。
  A series of facts seem clear to the Korean Peninsula tense stand-off has been broken, blocking North Korean nuclear issue be solved little by little eliminate obstacles to the Korean Peninsula denuclearization process is expected to re-incorporate dialogue to resolve the right track。   Dialogue is on the right track there is a major opportunity for dialogue on the nuclear issue on the occasion, the United States and Japan and South Korea met with security officials why it?Fudan University, vice president of Shanghai International Strategic Studies Shen Dingli, in an interview, said, "The main purpose of the United States and Japan and South Korea meeting is to eliminate the distrust between them, the goal of reunification talks on the DPRK, and the bottom line means。
"National Transitional Economy Center for Political Studies, Liaoning University researcher Li Jiacheng in an interview also believes that the purpose of the meeting is to" set the tone for the main US-DPRK talks。 "The United States, Japan on the specific content of the meeting of security officials," the outside world can not know, because the contents of the meeting are confidential。 "Shen Dingli noted。
Lijia Cheng believes, is nothing more than the content of the meeting demanded that North Korea fully abandon its nuclear program。
  According to Japan's NHK television reported the meeting, the United States and Japan and South Korea security officials stressed the importance of past failures to deal with North Korea, and agreed that no longer making the same mistakes, and agreed to continue to work closely in the coming weeks。   Some analysts believe that this may mean that the US may in the next meeting, before softening unilaterally demanded that North Korea abandon its nuclear program but would not provide comprehensive security guarantees rigid stance。
  March 9, Chinese President Xi Jinping with US President Bertrand regular phone, especially Trump said that "very grateful and attached great importance to the important role of China on the Korean Peninsula issue, the Chinese side is willing to continue to coordinate closely with communication。
"Xi Jinping said he hoped US and the DPRK started as soon as possible contact and dialogue, strive for positive results, hope relevant parties can show more goodwill, avoid doing things that might influence and interference continued easing of the situation in the Korean peninsula, and actively strive to present situation of maintain the momentum。   Said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang March 20 A Yonhap correspondent asked: "We are pleased to see Peninsula easing trend, also supports all efforts conducive to resolve the nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation efforts, China will do its utmost to promote the maintaining of the peninsula denuclearization, peace and stability on the peninsula。
"In order to solve the DPRK nuclear issue, China put forward a 'double pause' initiative to resolve the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and the 'dual track' ideas。
  Forward or repeated Chinese Foreign Ministry in July last year, said the core of the nuclear issue is security, the nature of the DPRK and the US are contradictory, blindly strong pressure on North Korea North Korea will only lead to more intense rebound, and finally to become a nuclear-free peninsula "knot" of the solution。
Resolve the nuclear issue is not only directly related to the political and military security of the DPRK and the US, but also about the stability and peace in the Asia-Pacific region。
  It is reported that the United States and Japan and South Korea Defense Minister had met in 2013, the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore intermittent discuss strengthening the trilateral defense cooperation, additional sanctions to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear and missile programs, stop its provocative behavior。
Lijia Cheng said the United States and Japan and South Korea met with the release of the signal on North Korea policy, said Shen Dingli presence of two effects of this meeting, "on the one hand to put pressure on North Korea, on the other hand the United States and Japan and South Korea has already done ready to embrace North Korea。
"" Only the parties to their hearts, give and take, good faith efforts to resolve the nuclear issue, and do not threaten the military relationship between the two sides in order to improve。 "Said Shen Dingli。
This may be the key to this meeting and the upcoming inter-Korean talks US to success。 Yang Ning Zeng Fanqiang。