World Hepatitis Day: Liver Liver large collection of knowledge

  Today is "World Hepatitis Day", many people talk about "hepatitis" pale, in fact, it is not necessary。
① hepatitis A, hepatitis E in order to "fecal-oral route" as the main route of transmission; ② hepatitis B, hepatitis C transmission is fluid, sharing utensils, shook hands and embraced other daily contacts will not be transmitted; ③ tobacco and alcohol, eat greasy, often stays up late, eat at random drugs and other acts of most liver injury!  Which types of hepatitis?  Viral hepatitis is the most common form of hepatitis B, CD-amyl divided into five types。   Alcoholic hepatitis: Long-term heavy drinking causes。   Simple fatty liver disease: caused by excessive deposition of fat in liver cells。   Drug-induced liver injury: The main reason is irrational drug use。
  Autoimmune: with lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue diseases belonging to the same category。
  In addition to the above viral hepatitis, others are not contagious。
  Hepatitis A, hepatitis E guard against disease from the mouth into the route of transmission: both the "fecal-oral route" as the main route of transmission。
Water and food, especially aquatic shellfish such as clam, it is the main route of exposure outbreak of hepatitis A。
  Precautions: Wash your hands, school children are at high risk of contact transmission of hepatitis, should develop good health habits; pay attention to hygiene dining, easy to carry some food pathogens, such as snail, shells, crabs, etc., must cook cooked steamed through eating。
  Note: hepatitis A, hepatitis E can be "sick from the mouth", the patient will be taken Dining, feces and disinfection means。
  Daily contact does not spread hepatitis B transmission: blood transfusion, sexual intercourse, mother and child, tooth extraction, sterilization and other possible infections, while kissing, dining, shaking hands, spray, mother's milk is not contagious。
  Preventive measures: timely hepatitis B vaccine, hepatitis B partner, the other recommendations replant hepatitis B vaccine; hepatitis B female, to confirm normal liver function before pregnancy。
  Note: infection does not mean carriers, and the carriers does not mean patients; hepatitis B is really not from the mouth, do not mind dining tables were。   Skin and mucous membrane when there is drug abuse, maternal, sexual behavior, non-disposable syringes without sterilization of medical equipment, unsterilized tattoo, pierced, razors or toothbrushes and other necessities common: hepatitis C treatment breakthrough transmission damaged。   Preventive measures: the first human Hepatitis C is a viral infection can be cured of chronic diseases。
Now for hepatitis C, by the pure 3-6 months oral therapy, 90% of patients clear the virus can be。
  Note: The route of transmission of hepatitis C and hepatitis B is similar, in terms of health, sharing utensils, shook hands and embraced other daily contacts are not contagious。   Do not underestimate fatty liver fatty liver due to unhealthy habits。
Long-term hunger and a full meal, easy to eat too much, the formation of fatty liver。
  Response: For patients with mild fatty liver, the best way is to diet, exercise and alcohol。 For patients with moderate to severe fatty liver, the doctor may prescribe some medicine depending on the circumstances, the prevention of lipid disorders and atherosclerosis and other situations。   Note: Do not pay attention to it, from fatty liver to liver cancer only four steps, simple fatty liver steatohepatitis → → → liver fibrosis liver cirrhosis →。
  Susceptible to excessive drinking of alcoholic liver we usually refer to alcoholic liver refers to the alcoholic fatty liver disease, chronic alcoholics to high-risk groups。
  Response: moderate alcohol consumption, the amount of adult men drink a day not more than 25 grams of alcohol is equivalent to 750 ml beer / wine water 250ml / 38 degrees above the liquor 75 g / 50 g of high spirits; woman 's daily alcohol consumption does not exceed the 15g, liquor beer equivalent to 450 ml / wine water 150ml / 38 degrees 50 grams, as alcohol。
Adequate exercise, regular rest, a balanced diet。 Not Lan Fu drugs, otherwise it will increase the burden on the organ, and even play a role in the destruction of interference。
  Liver injury nine killers lack of sleep, the morning after is not timely urination, overeating, eat breakfast, take medicine too much, too much intake of processed foods, preference for fried foods, eat half-baked or burnt food, excessive alcohol consumption。   Liver five tips do not excessive drinking, moderate drinking, if you can, try to stop drinking。
Chemical products should be used with caution, be sure to do before using any chemical protection。 Early prevention of hepatitis virus, hepatitis A, hepatitis B vaccination in a timely manner, hepatitis B, hepatitis C to ensure safety, hepatitis A, hepatitis E, hygiene。
The second leading cause of medication strictly follow doctor's orders, particularly with caution herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine has become a drug-induced liver injury。
Diet and exercise, in addition, regular physical examination is also very important。