Bali Agung volcano eruption or another domestic airline canceled flights to and from

December 5 electric current, Agung volcano alert level remains at the highest level, these days the normal airport opening has been making the most of stranded tourists back to Bali, China China。
Bali International Airport is currently Wu Lalai flights taking off and landing as usual, but Bali local government said there is still the possibility of further outbreaks of the volcano。
Since at 15:00 on November 29 to at 16:00 on December 3, outbound Chinese citizens 13,968 people from Bali airport from Wu Lalai news Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar obtained, the entry of Chinese citizens 605 people。 Domestic airlines canceled flights to and from Bali due consideration to the possibility of large-scale eruption of the volcano is still at any time, domestic airlines have canceled flights to Bali。
Or intentionally stranded in Bali to Bali visitors can check flight information on airline websites and arrangements。
Foreign Ministry then issued a reminder: If you insist on going to Bali to whom it needs to take care of themselves to help generate cost Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General in Denpasar 1 release again not to go to Bali travel security alerts, valid until January 4, 2018。
November 27, Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar, Bali Agung volcano eruption According issued a security alert not to go to Bali, travel, valid until December 4, 2017。 According to the current situation, the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Consulate General in Denpasar 1, the security alert is valid until January 4, 2018。
Bali Agung volcano since November 21 continuous eruption, there is still the highest alert level (fourth level)。
Lahars, lava, gravel, ash, smoke and other damage caused varying degrees of damage to the volcano and the surrounding farmland, rivers, housing construction, personal, etc., 9-10 million affected people need to be placed。 The Indonesian government issued a circular, around the crater area within a radius of 8 km, the crater north – northeast, southwest – south – southeast direction of the area within a radius of 10 kilometers ban all activities。
Monitoring officials expect before Agung volcano eruption, or small-scale eruption will last more than a month ago, more than the airport at any time may be affected by volcanic ash closed。
Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar remind Chinese citizens again not to go to Bali recently; Chinese citizens in Bali to be vigilant, pay attention to their own safety, do not go to the area around the volcano activity, and with the air ticket promptly contact the airline or travel agent, travel arrangements to return home as soon as possible。
In case of emergency, please contact the police in time and the first time the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar。 Remind stressed that in view of the special circumstances of these areas, such as Chinese citizens still insist on travel not to go after reminding, may lead the parties face a high security risk, and will seriously affect the effectiveness of their access to assistance, and due to get help produce the charges are to be completely self。
(My Love Global Visa Center micro-channel public number) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。