Netease koala, fight a lot, Taobao, Jingdong, the United States and other online business platform and selling are present case

Handbag Sample of selected personnel experience。
After the rise in the associations courtesy sea Amoy, Amoy Netease test Lahaina, fight a lot, Taobao, honey bud, Jingdong, the United States and other online sites have become the main choice of consumers scouring the sea, these platforms are mostly played no fakes signs。 However, February 7th Japan-China Consumer Association released test report shows that NetEase koala import warehouse direct mail, fight a lot, Taobao, honey bud, Jingdong, Gome online selling platforms are present case, scouring the sea counterfeit goods is serious。 According to reports, the survey experience the actual purchase of the "sea Amoy" goods 93 samples involving 37 brands。 Contact staff experience brand trademark rights or authorized person, on the spot out of the box inspection, consultation and expert conclusions issued by commodity。 Currently, there are 19 brands trademark rights or authorized person of 53 samples issued by the expert conclusions, of which 37 samples were genuine, 16 samples suspected of counterfeiting。
Among them, involving Shiseido cosmetics, CPB, Lancome, Kiehl's, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Clinique and other seven brands 19 samples, according to the trademark rights of the person or persons authorized expert conclusions, 11 authentic samples, eight samples suspected counterfeit。 Suspected counterfeit goods are Jingdong platform "AIU international franchise stores overseas," Shiseido Cleansing Facial sales specialist, the United States together superior product platform "Amazing duty-free shops" selling muscle through Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Cream, Honey bud network Shiseido Cleansing platform sales specialist sales and honey cleanser bud featured businesses Estee Lauder Ji Yeon multi-effect Cream, fight a lot of platform "JDF beauty" Shiseido Cleansing facial specialist shop selling the platform "Ya pure cosmetics" Estee Lauder ANR eye cream store sales, Taobao platform "Kalai Ya skin care family" store sales Shiseido Anessa sunscreen, Netease test Lahaina shopping platform "self-direct mail warehouse" sales of Estee Lauder ANR eye Cream。
Footwear involving Adidas, Sha Chi, ECCO, SKECHERS other four brands of 10 samples, according to the trademark rights of the person or persons authorized expert conclusions, seven as authentic, three suspected counterfeit。 Suspected counterfeit goods Babe network platform Adidas / Adidas brand settled in business sales Adidas Smith shoes, Gome online platform "Hai-Kun sport shops" selling Adidas shell shoes, fight a lot of platforms, "Miss Choi's shoes" shop sales Adidas shoes coconut。 Bags category related to coach, Michael Kors and other two brands nine samples, according to the trademark rights of the person or persons authorized expert conclusions, four is genuine, five suspected counterfeit goods。 Suspected counterfeit goods were Dangdang platform "luxury scouring the world to buy specialty stores" sales coach bags, Gome online platform "Auchan luxury luggage specialty stores' sales coach Boston handbags, Jingdong platform" Bai Wang overseas franchise stores "sales of Michael Kors tortoise shell package, to fight a lot of platform 'ishop light luxury One' shell package store sales coach, Taobao platform 'Miss monthly US purchasing' Boston coach store sales of handbags。 The Consumers Association Deputy Secretary-General Dong Zhu ceremony, said the platform should take quality consumer and business-oriented, consciously regulate the price behavior, the better the quality of goods platform。
Experience survey found that many businesses are still accustomed to the platform on price or price indicated plagued by complex way, mislead consumers, and for the quality of purchased goods online control is not enough emphasis, leading to some "sea Amoy" goods counterfeiting electricity supplier during the promotional focus outstanding individual electronic business platform clothing, bags of product quality issues and more hair。 Hope that all electronic business platform business: First, strictly abide by the laws relating to the price of state regulations, promote a clearly do Mingzhemingkou, put an end to misleading price and price-gouging; second is to improve the business platform for the qualification review mechanism, strengthen the platform full of goods process quality control, guide and meet consumer demand for quality consumer, pay attention to the views of consumers and service quality feedback; Third, take effective technical protection measures, appear in the collection and use of data as well as orders, communications and liaison, and other express surface single strengthening the protection of consumers' personal information。
At the same time, he suggested that the relevant government departments to further improve the online shopping regulatory law, take the form of random sampling and focus on a combination of supervision, intensify supervision and management of the online shopping market, urging honest and trustworthy business platform, business law; establish and improve network Shopping condominium cohabitation mechanism, with a large data analysis methods to support the construction of a social credit system, increase the comprehensive punishment for serious illegal acts of dishonesty, and create a safe and secure network environment for consumption。
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