New York Chinese woman sentenced murder suspect faces 25 years to life in prison

  BEIJING, March 21 – According to the United States Chinese network comprehensive report, in 2015, the New York Chinese women Ma Qingqing (QingQingKiemde, transliteration) was brutally murdered。 Suspect Christopher Suo Bosi (ChristopherSobers) local time on March 20 in Queens Court verdict, he was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison。   March 20, Judge 戴博拉莫迪卡 (DeborahStevensModica) found the defendant two intentional murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison Suo Bosi。   Prosecutor Richard Brown (RichardBrown) said the defendant's use of cruel means in the October 2015 killing of 28-year-old female Chinese Ma Qingqing, and she hid the corpse in the park。
Therefore, prosecutors hope to defendants sentenced to long prison terms。
Brown said it was a brutal killing。
A young woman was killed in a violent knife attack in。
Brown hopes sentenced the defendant to allow the families of the victims felony comforting and prevent other women killed。   The defendant's lawyer said they would appeal on the case。
He doubts there is some evidence for the authenticity of。   Ma Qingqing on October 10, 2015 killed。
The police investigation after two and a half months, after evidence, will Suo Bosi brought to justice and prosecuted to eight counts of second-degree murder, etc.。