The point is to pass notes sickness "universal hole."

Location: This point is the body through sickness tune of "universal" points 2018-3-2814: 54: 0 Source: Introduction: this point, call it the best in the world points is not an exaggeration, because almost all disease this hole can use a direct or indirect aid treatment, but with a massage or acupuncture method if the error would be undermined……6 large effect Hoku 1, analgesic big hole gu qi strong analgesic effect is good, is "painkillers" on our bodies, almost all pain can be solved to find Hoku, moxibustion or press the thumb pinch acupuncture for pain relief。
Toothache say that pain is not a disease, pain up to death。Now Hoku help you treat this terrible pain in it。
In the differentiation of treatment method should be used when the cross is on your right toothache, moxibustion or rubbing Hoku on the left hand; if the left toothache, moxibustion or rubbing on the right hand Hoku。
If you suffer from sore gums caused by gingivitis and recurrent, often pressing the Hoku also receive unexpected results。
Headache nervous headache, insomnia, headache, neck pain, the elderly suffering from nervous headache is a common disease。
After the onset of illness several times a day, while insomnia, forgetfulness, memory loss, poor concentration work and other symptoms, pain。Take Hoku massage therapy, will receive good results。Since Hoku is an important point on the large intestine, large intestine through the index finger through the hands, arms, shoulders, neck, has been coming to an end face。"The Meridian had, attending clinics," so these are parts of the pain and discomfort can be alleviated by Hoku。
Hoku direct moxibustion can cure tonsillitis, etc.。Ms. large intestine through the air and is by more than more than blood, so the massage Hoku large intestine through the original hole, can qi and blood circulation, passing effective treatment of pain, dysmenorrhea trouble try。