China's $ 50 billion agreement to "save" Brazil?

Brazilian President Rousseff said Tuesday it has signed with China worth 53 billion US dollars of trade, finance, investment agreements, aimed at upgrading infrastructure and stimulate the economy in Brazil。For the economic crisis in Brazil, $ 53 billion is clear reason to make them "feel grateful"。  Not seek death will not die, in the year of the economic crisis in Brazil, one-fifth of the time to do battle with the poor growth rate, to be submerged in a political corruption scandal, which also involves the state-owned oil giant Petrobras。Brazil is seeking before next year's Olympic Games in Rio arrives, all tattered infrastructure renovation, which will be held in South America's first Olympics。  Brazil's economy today is not like samba as joyful, but not as exciting as football in Brazil。  Years ago, Brazil is not like this mess cake today。Since around 2000, commodities to Brazil has brought unprecedented prosperity tide of up to ten years。The country trade situation dramatically, the government earned pours, national wage has been significantly improved, domestic credit development is booming。The country's GDP growth in 2010 has reached 7.5%, ranked the largest economy in South America。  However, with the downturn in international commodity prices, merchandise exports to prop up the current difficult overall situation。The country is the world's largest cane sugar, coffee and soya producing countries, is one of the largest iron ore and oil supplier。Tide commodity boom of sugar, oil, iron ore, have already receded, failed to adjust the economic development of Brazil suffered a fatal blow。  Has been in power for twelve years in Brazil Labor Party will today's terrible situation to blame external factors。But the "Financial Times" that this is largely self-inflicted Brazil。As a counter-example in Brazil, just look at a higher marketization degree, the same is the Pacific Rim countries of Chile, Colombia and Peru。These countries have also enjoyed commodities and credit brought about by economic prosperity, but no such sequelae Brazilian economy。  Over the past five years, the Brazilian economy has been in a state of weakness, rising inflation, the current government wants investment from China can greatly stimulate the economy, but also contribute to Brazil next year to host the final preparations for the Olympic Games。This naturally provides a natural for Chinese investment conditions。  Poaching "American Garden" China to step up the layout of Latin America since mid-2009, China is Brazil's largest trading partner and main source of foreign investment。From 2000 to 2015, a substantial increase in bilateral trade of more than 25-fold, to $ 255.5 billion from $ 10 billion a year today to。  The main features of bilateral trade has been a large number of Brazilian soybean exports to China, iron ore and other primary products。As the slowdown in Chinese demand and falling international commodity prices above two factors, the trade volume between China and Pakistan declined。But from a strategic point of view, even if Chinese demand for Latin American commodities slowdown, investment is reasonable to gradually increase。  "Latin America more and more difficult, while the Chinese side's ability to become stronger," said Professor Brazilian business school Fundao Dom Cabral Paul Vicente to Bloomberg News, said, "So the current environment for China to carry out a wave of acquisitions behavior is ripe for investment。"The Li Keqiang visited four countries in Latin America, including Brazil, the Chinese media as 'super salesman', accompanied by Chinese companies, including electric power, automotive, electronics, manufacturing, and financial institutions。  Over the years, Latin America has been seen as America's "backyard."。The growing demand for energy in China is also rising influence in Latin America applied, and therefore increase investment in Brazil also appears in China's interest。  In fact, in January this year, Latin America and the Caribbean Community leaders gathered in Beijing to attend the first China – Latin American and Caribbean Community of Nations during the forum, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced within the next decade, the Chinese government will invest $ 250 billion in Latin America。  Although Latin America is not to become masters VS both ways "along the way" of radiation country, but the region of "BRICS" and "APEC" countries are inextricably linked with China。And in the development of Latin America, the entire international situation is an increase in strength, so China is relying on the strategy for developing countries based on an integral plate。  But even the US "Forbes" that after locking Asia and Africa, Chinese dragons were coveted America's "backyard", the result is also not on the surface of things so black and white。In fact, in Latin America the issue, does not seek to seize the essence of the Chinese American backyard, it does not seek to intervene in the internal affairs of the Americas。President Xi 2014 speech in Europe has pointed out, each having the United States, the United States and the United States and common in the CICA summit, pointed out things to do in Asia by the Asian。  The Latin American countries is also not "one-sided" turn to China, but is also extended an olive branch to the United States, Europe and even the Venezuelan capital, and hope that through this both ways, generosity and flexible attitude, get diversified financing channels and targets market, such as the Brazilian media put it, "with open arms to embrace China", is an active, independent attitude, this attitude is not simply to make China a country。