39 make up one winter, no pain coming year, winter is the time to protect Yang (1)

  Into the winter, but also to the best tonic season。
Modern medicine, the best season of the year, everything is in the possession of the state seal, is the time of year most suitable for food conditioning and tonic。Winter tonic can improve the body's immune function, promote new metabolism, chills phenomenon is improved; also regulate the body's metabolism, the nutrients into energy stored in the body to maximize will help lift the body hair, to lay the foundation for next year's body。As the saying goes, "39 make up one winter, the coming year, no pain," say is the truth。  How Sibu 1, black sesame porridge ingredients: black sesame seeds 25 grams, 50 grams of rice。  Practice: black sesame fried spare powder, black sesame and rice washed cook pot, stir and boil after the switch to gentle heat gruel。
  Effect: replenishing liver and kidney, nourishing the five internal organs。NOTE: The side more suitable choice of physical weakness in old age, and the effectiveness of the prevention of premature aging。  2, steamed duck Cordyceps Ingredients: Cordyceps 5, the old one male duck, rice wine, ginger, scallion stalk, the amount of salt。
  Practice: duck to the hair, offal, rinse, put into water bath to boil the water frothing remove the Yatou neck split, into Cordyceps, tied with wire, into a large bowl, add wine, ginger, light blue, salt, water amount, a large bowl and then into the pot, and steam cooked for about 2 hours Ap (also available gas steam boiler)。  Effects: tonic Yijing, Yin and yang。The parties to the main Cordyceps help kidney, essence and blood; supplemented to duck, nourishing Yin。Yang Fang a biased, one biased towards yin, the two combined, a total of salty essence tonic, Yin and Yang to help the authority Diet。  3, lotus root sugar tomatoes Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, lotus root section 1, the amount of granulated sugar。
  Practice: tomatoes, peeled, boiling water lotus (3-5 minutes), both together into the dish, sprinkle with sugar to。
  Efficacy: spleen appetizer, thirst。  1 loss behavior inventory, eat melon much damage the stomach Yang from the Chinese side, there are so few food series, namely, hot, warm, cool, cold, leveling。
Winter, easy to eat too much fruit damage the stomach Yang, because in addition to pumpkin, all melons are cold, especially cold cold body, pale people to eat more cold melons, such as watermelons , cucumber, eat more prone to diarrhea。  Recommended warm fruit jujube, peach, apricot, longan, etc.。
Gamping fruit has hawthorn, apple, etc.。  2, sweating, frequent consumption of winter sports to sweat lifestyle is not desirable, because the Chinese believe that the main convergence, not to do excessive exercise。In addition, winter belong to the "yin yang eliminate long" phase, if sweating too easily hurt Yang。Especially elderly friends recommend winter should not choose a large amount of exercise, sweating exercise program, but should choose some relatively flat items, such as jogging, walking, tai chi and so on, so that both can achieve the effect of exercise, but not so loss。  3, chills, debilitating winter weather, if you wear a small, easy to enter the body cold, cold into the body at the surface would violate the first line of defense – the bladder, stand in defiance of human righteousness。
When the cold air invade the body, the balance would go cold in the human body, which is consumed entirely avoidable。