"Coins circle" Fried said the pro currency brainwashing technique: how to invest zero monthly make millions

June 20, 86bex close the channel, said investors put money divestment, the platform has been losing money, ready to restructuring。A week ago, on the line less than a week Cattleex Exchange also declared bankruptcy, immersed in the "rich" fantasy dream speculation on currency exchange not only broken, numerous investment boondoggle。However, when many foreign trading platforms have run away, but the domestic side of a large number of illegal trading platform fell, while a large number of them。  "Daily News" reporter had contacted one of "speculation by currency", the "currency speculation" illegal trading platform and "foot" logic between the combs: trading platform to build their own coin production system, the number of coins produced, platform control mode by using currency speculation currency will lift the price and traded in their platform, while currency speculation were to draw a hierarchy of different numbers off the assembly line, until the accumulated enough "leek "solid foot on the line of。  ● "zero investment" a buying and selling price of one o'clock currency speculation, currency speculation as a person, Ning micro-channel circle still crowded in micro-channel group named "XX currency exchange group" where, from time to time someone close coins, even the propaganda of advertising are exactly the same。Ning introduction, the single currency price of $ 4, higher package price, more than 5 6 yuan, 10 yuan more than 10, the current market is not very good, received, but few people selling, but selling currency income who sold the trading platform than the price is much higher。  Occasionally, the emergence of new households holding 10 coins, once someone whisper to him and asked him not out of the hands of coins。New users have two options, to register to send 10 coins sold directly to the depositing of money by speculation, packing 10 can sell 100 yuan, but this approach is only "one business", think of selling to rely on registration of a mining machine to send money to continue production。They can also choose to invest, while holding the mining machine can produce money, while large number of acquisitions in the hands of someone else money, when accumulated to a certain number of coins, you can change a higher yield of the mining machine。Wait until the price of the currency go up, it's time to sell the currency in the hands of。  There's competition between currency speculation, after all, on the surface, the current market is still in the "less buyers and more money," the state, this "adequate" state, whether real or imaginary, has always made the potential, in micro-channel group called "circle currency exchange sixteenth group" (number 400), the coin collection of sounds come and go, and some even directly "fire" in the group, "who collect coins copy and paste my ads?I have now been identified as malicious brush platform ads, advertising heavyweights trouble you change it diverted?"Thanks to this gimmick, currency prices a little higher up。  Before earn pours, currency speculation currency price needs to "fry up", they called it "Project", how fried?Paste it, forums, QQ group, micro-channel group, friends and family, as long as the communication of the place, that is speculation currency's ample stage。  "Do not miss, on the speed of the car, registration Ji Song 10 coins, mining machine can produce another currency, first-served basis, long-term stability program。"Circle currency exchange group, we can see this promotion ad trading platform。  After the "Daily News" reporter on the Ning platform are pushing for trade, he made a careless three "learning materials", first expounded data "XX coins ecosystem," second interpretation "XX currency how to profit ", the third data is described in detail 'how to make millions of monthly investment 0', each has its eloquent thousand words, a surge of brainwashing that is, as the lingering sense。Chen Ning, this is an investment not hurtful 0 veins of the project is 2018's hottest, most profitable projects。  In order to make it more credible rhetoric, proved trading platform than those earned under the guise of a wave run road, Ning threw out a few examples: precedent GEC, has gone a year, is currently in operation; the glory of war precedent Ji, has gone nine months of the current operations; precedent ECO, has been gone for six months, currently operates in。  Reporter has consulted Ning mouth GEC, ECO information about whether their scam posts filled the entire page。And now Recommend Ning project, only operate for a month, not big gains。However, according to Ning introduction, he added another project in March, has "definitely profitable," March of the value of the currency in more than two, and now has risen nearly four。  When answering questions from reporters "not afraid of the trading platform on foot," Ning did not pause to say, you can collect coins to spend some money?10 currency only 100, such as its price rose to heaven, you not turned a profit?  Then, Chen Ning Kaiqi brainwashing model, price rise what this project?That is, by extension, more and more people join, the higher the value of the currency has gone up, all the coins are made members of the platform mining output, yield 30 million。Mining output reached 20 million international on-line trading platform, to the time it is born of a thousand Yuan currency!  ● Fans enough monthly income Million "I have done experiments with 50 dollars to brush the water 600, and if it becomes a high-level agency, a month income of 10 million or more!If you have 10 million fans, income of 100 million or more!"This is described in promotional materials on the so-called road, across the screen you can feel like Ning's currency speculation as high morale, and the next one million pairs become, full of self-confidence of millionaires。  In the eyes of currency speculation, the trading platform is not running, even if there is the possibility on foot, but also determined not to admit。In order to make trading platform so that more people accept and join, currency speculation user who will be registered with the micro-channel pull into the group, the group not only carries the dream of getting rich variety of "insiders" and also referred to as the person in charge of the trading platform "managers" red envelope is able to see every day, the amount is not small。  When a new user registration early trading platform, the mining machine to send less than the production of coins。Ning introduction, producing coins period is 25 days, and can produce more than a dozen coins。Such as the acquisition of a greater number of coins, you can use a higher grade of ore currency exchange machine。While the output of each downline investors a certain amount of money, will have returned to their own corresponding benefits。  Real-name registration can only earn a little money, that is, registered to send 10 coins were sold to currency speculation, earnings $ 100。A lot of money to rely on the team, the higher your membership level, the more dividends!Ning said, while the so-called "membership level" division sent out。  "Daily News" reporter noted that three recommended currency revenue for 1150, the team is at least 10,000 V3 level, you can "enjoy" senior mining machine platform presented, one can produce 1300 coins, you can also enjoy 20% dividend。Wait until the hands of enough money, you can choose a higher level of exchange mining machine, mining machine price range, the higher the level of mining machine 10 coins, 100 coins, 1000 coins, 10,000 coins, the greater the benefits。So down, one million earnings is not impossible。  "There are want to sell coins to find me, anyway, I was not a currency in recent months, holding only。If you want to recover the money, they shout in the group。"Chen said.。  "Daily News" reporter at Ning given the information found, put this euphemistically called zero blood to make trading platform, in addition to "membership level" division of one of the characteristics of the direct sales organization, there are exciting tremendous gains in the currency prevailing MLM mark, its profit model has to be marked with a question mark。And its so-called "money", did not carry out regular trading abroad。  ● mining bonus to the winner?Was well established that such domestic "MLM money", when a group of up to close a number of foreign trading platform also repeatedly on foot。  Last September, the central bank and other seven departments jointly issued the "Notice on tokens issued to prevent the risk of financing," the ICO (initialCoinOfferings, initial public offering) characterized as illegal without the approval of public financing, it is the road to block the ICO on。  However, some "MLM currency," the name of the name of the first digital currency Shi "pyramid schemes" and that, in June 2017, the National Security Committee of Experts on Internet Financial Technology issued "national Internet financial Sunshine" on the second week of on-line transactions suspected pyramid selling coins the kinds of inspections announcement, "Wen Chong currency" published coins chain network and public intranet line transactions, large bits of on-line transactions "holy money," township tour world-line trading of "providers win coins" are used pyramid of development of member business way, are suspected pyramid selling。  "Daily Economic News" reporter on how to avoid entering the trap of pyramid selling coins interview with a lawyer, the other said: First of all, respect for the early risk aversion, state law does not specify, recommend everyone sane, keep their eyes open, be careful to take MLM currency more popular features。Secondly, the reference currency for punishment MLM pyramid schemes like charges, organizational leadership pyramid schemes crime。  "Daily News" reporter combing the data found determine if a virtual currency is not a pyramid scheme coins can start from the following points: First, the person or business on their own coinage, no value。Bitcoin virtual currency and other open source, a limited number, and currency unlimited MLM。Second, the non-transaction third-party platform, but pull the head to make money。Through continuous development off the assembly line, allows members to trade, money from the sale of pyramid schemes, or the so-called transaction fee charged。Third, there is no formal payment channels, even if the trade in so-called "trading platform", can only be the first to sell or buy a "shot", then transfer payments by other means。And where the trading platform Ning, precisely in line with these three characteristics。