An male New starting area for the two counties 60 villages completely refuses tube by brick by brick

April 13, surging to get news from authoritative sources a "New residency male security working group control policy interpretation to understand the paper" shows that male security New starting area of 60 villages in Hebei Rongcheng, Anxin counties, which the area is also a first level of control initiatives, implement the most strict management control, completely "dead tube" can not add brick by brick, plants and trees。  The so-called "clear paper" is a layer of government policy or interpretation issued a notice to the public in plain language the official file format。New residency male security working group control policy interpretation in the report, entitled "improve their overall management and control, and effectively lay the foundation for the construction of the new district" understand the paper, the connotation of control means: "The government through a series of legal, administrative, economic and other means, according to the law within the regional political, economic and social public affairs management and control, ensure safety in male New construction is expected to achieve the goal of success。"Since control time limit for April 1, 2017, officially began full public control, and adjust or discharge based on planning and development and the progress of the ecological environment and the protection of Baiyangdian。  April 1, Xinhua News Agency released news that the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to set up; district plan covering Xiong County, Hebei Province, Rongcheng, 3 Anxin County and the surrounding region part。Male security planning and development in a particular area to the starting area previously developed starting area of about 100 square kilometers, medium-term development area of about 200 square kilometers, long-term control area of about 2000 square kilometers。  According to district towns and villages male security working group control policy interpretation to understand the paper, to control the content of the new district includes six categories: First, all kinds of planning。Including land use, urban and rural construction, industry and transport, ecology, agriculture, forestry and water; the second is land management。Including the transfer rules, degeneration, requisition, subcontracting, project for the land, the land transfer; Third project, including industry, agriculture, infrastructure, public services, urban and rural housing, commerce and logistics; Fourth, household population。Including relocation outside the region and transferred all the household population and other immigration formalities; Fifth, real estate transactions。Including all Forward House, existing homes house property, and the like; six other required control content。  Control level and scope, management and control region of the first level refers to the New starting area, involving Rongcheng, Anxin counties 60 villages, implement the most strict management control, completely "dead tube" can not add brick by brick, plants and trees; second level is the future need to be ordered according to ease of planning and construction of villages, involving three counties about 164 villages, the implementation of strict control, comprehensive "control dead", to maintain the existing spatial form; third level is New global means, implementation of a comprehensive control, strict management strictly control。  Public information, Xiong County District planning area of male security, Rongcheng, 3 Anxin County, Xiong currently presides over the town 6 3 223 rural villages; Rongcheng County town currently administered 5 3 127 rural villages; Anxin County currently under the jurisdiction of the town of 9 3 207 rural villages。  Control of three ways: First, frozen, prepared mainly for ongoing planning and approval, land acquisition and other procedures and formalities sexual behavior, freeze the implementation of all or sequestration; the second is suspended, mainly for the preparation and progress of all kinds projects and other entities of the development and construction, production, operation and sale and purchase transactions and other activities, the implementation stage stop; the third is strictly prohibited, mainly refers to non-functional orientation serious discrepancies, all kinds of behavior affects the planning and implementation of ecological restoration。  Document said, implementation of the new district of male security comprehensive management and control is the planning and development good start, a good start is the key and foundation。The importance and necessity of management and control, one conducive to the smooth District to find out the real family property; Second, it helps to prevent the blind transformation, construction investment; third is to save national construction costs; fourth is conducive to safeguarding social stability, fairness and justice。  April 4, He Lifeng, director of the National Development and Reform Commission told Xinhua News Agency in an interview that the planning and construction of safe male Hebei District, Hebei Province, the next step will be to guide and organize the preparation of the parties high standards of quality male Ann new master plan, the starting area control planning, detailed planning and controlling promoter region and ecological environment protection planning Baiyangdian, a blueprint to ensure that dry in the end。  Latest news affecting the stock market (Original title: An male New starting area for the safety Rongcheng new village 60 counties tube completely refuses to add a brick and tile) (Editor: DF070)