Chengde Lolo Yang Yuan drinks experience difficulties Tuen the occasion: cottage spoiler achievements under pressure

Walnut and almond milk are two major areas of leading companies are going through troubled times。  CCTV "3.15" party, the cottage drink flood exposure, and Hebei Chengde Lolo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengde Lolo") and six walnuts parent company – Hebei Yang Yuan Ze exchange Drinks Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as "Yang yuan drinks") would suffer。  After that, the two "fellow" Corporate heat remains unabated。Chengde Lolo just experienced the actual controller to change, Yang Yuan drinks break due to price concern。  Coincidentally, the two companies in 2017 experienced a decline in annual revenue and net profit。Among them, Chengde Lolo is already two consecutive years of decline in performance。  Faster marketing researcher, Tsinghua University Sun Wei told the "China Business" reporter, Yang Yuan Chengdelulu and drink sales fell there common cause, first of all by the influence of the trend of consumption upgrade, plant protein drinks overall category growth slows。  "Meanwhile, Mengniu, Yili and other dairy giants to enter the plant protein drinks industry, will further expand the scale of vegetable protein beverage industry, will occupy Chengdelulu and Yang Yuan drinks market share。"Said Sun Wei。  "China Business" reporter to Chengde Lolo, Yang Yuan beverages interview letter sent separately on related issues, but have not received a reply as of press time。  Cottage spoiler competition exposure according to CCTV "3.15" party, drink a lot of cottage occupied the rural market, while at the same drinks Hebei Chengde Lolo and Yang Yuan regions suffer。  According to reports, a number of enterprises in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province mass production of cottage almond, walnut, peanut walnut drinks and other beverages, and some even mimic packaging design also together, and these products are generally sold to the four-tier cities and rural markets。  Reporters learned that the cottage drink problem is already in place for many years。As early as 2009, the then deputy general manager Jiang Boping Chengdelulu once said: "Time spent crackdown on manufacturers each year no fewer than 300 days。Lulu cottage only sold in Shijiazhuang of Hebei province at least be able to account for the company in the region of 10% of annual sales。"Reporter learned cottage drinks typically by two wholesaler or manufacturer directly sent rural workshops terminal via interviews, or to rural sales terminals, fast velocity through the county and in particular wholesale merchants dispersion。  And, by counterfeiting cottage drinks packaging, with Lulu almond, walnut six brand influence, coupled with the relatively low price, very attractive to rural consumers。According to "315" party exposure, cottage drinks generally carried out in the counterfeit packaging, while the market six walnut counterfeit packaging most products, such as "six Wo walnut", "six walnut kernels," "big walnut" "Nine walnut ", etc.。  Chengde Lolo told reporters at the dealer an area of Hebei Ms. Zhang: "Because counterfeit packaging high similarity, coupled with rural consumers do not bother to distinguish, in the sense of taste after drinking, the taste is not good, they will think this Lulu almond milk is real。In addition, the low price of cottage products, more in line with the rural consumption environment, so-sale terminals in rural areas prefer to sell the cottage drinks。This has had a huge impact on our brand image and Distribution sales in the rural market。"According to Ms. Zhang introduced in her area operated by the county-level cities, 2017 Annual sales fell by more than 600,000, which would have been affected cottage drinks。  Chinese food industry commentator Zhu Dan Peng said: "The low price of cottage drink use, the four-tier cities and rural markets firmly occupied, for the enterprise market brand distribution caused great difficulties。At the same time, some impact due to the complexity of the beverage channel, companies do not have enough energy to look for sources of cottage products to combat the source, over time has become a chronic illness, resulting in the brand image。The product packaging homogeneity Chengdeloulou and Yang Yuan drinks severe, difficult to distinguish from the appearance at first glance, it also gives the company an opportunity to cottage。"In addition to problems caused by the cottage drink, pouring into giants, but also makes the plant protein beverage industry, increasing competition。Reporters learned that, in addition to the previously coconut trees, silver heron, Vitasoy, VV, black cattle and other enterprises have the layout of the plant protein beverage industry, the influx of a large number of industry giants have begun。  Yang Yuan drinks said in the prospectus: "vegetable protein drinks walnut milk and so has a broad market space, thus attracting more and more manufacturers entering the industry。At present, Yili, Mengniu, ternary, Wahaha, their daughter and other famous enterprises have entered walnut milk industry, the company faces the risk of increased competition in the market。"Sun Wei analysis:" Mengniu, Yili and other dairy giants to enter the plant protein drinks industry, will further expand the scale of vegetable protein beverage industry, but also crowding Chengdeloulou and Yang Yuan drinks market share。"Zhu Dan Peng said:" Join Mengniu, Yili milk prices of these giants, no doubt raised the ceiling of the whole industry, but also increased competition in the industry difficult。Like Chengde Lolo, Yang Yuan drinks such traditional vegetable protein beverage companies, current product mix less competitive, we must increase the intensity of product innovation, in order to have a foothold。"But there are people in the industry and position Chengdeloulou Yang Yuan drinks competition in the industry are optimistic about the potential。Strategic positioning experts Xuxiong Jun said: "Yili, Mengniu and other companies to enter the plant protein drinks industry has already had two or three years, but because Lulu almond and walnut walnut milk six in the minds of consumers has become a brand symbol。Mention almond thought Chengdeloulou, instituted walnut milk is the first thought six walnuts, these two sub-category among the other companies is not easy to break this consumer inertia。"In addition to profit double down troubled drinks outside the cottage, Chengde Lolo and Yang Yuan drinks in the heat of the industry continues unabated。  March 20, Chengdelulu issued the "Notice on the company's actual controller to change the"。Announcements, Lu guanqiu Lu Weiding son inherited the name of Lu guanqiu 95% stake in Universal Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "universal farming") in accordance with law。The universal agriculture is Chengde Lolo's controlling shareholder, holding 40.68%。Previously held together with Lu Weiding universal agriculture 5% stake, after the equity inherited, Lu Weiding holds 100% of the shares of universal agriculture, indirectly became the actual controller of Chengde Lolo。  In the March 16 before this, Chengde Lolo released 2017 performance report, the company achieved revenues of 21.1.2 billion, year on year decline 16.23%; net profit 4.1.4 billion year on year decline 8.16%。In fact, this is Chengdelulu two consecutive years of decline in performance。For a time, Lu Weiding out how to lead Chengdeloulou low performance, the industry has become the focus of attention。  In this regard, Xu Xiongjun think, Lu Weiding become Chengdelulu after the actual controller, the business strategy should not be too much adjustment。"The current strategy of focusing Chengdeloulu main category is correct。And Lu Weiding as an investor, in the case of highly concentrated food and beverage industry competition, the face of downward pressure, may focus more on capital income and reduce expenditure, and does not make strategic adjustments。"The same as cottage drink 'victim' – Yang Yuan drinks by the sustained attention is derived from the price break。  March 15, listed just 19 trading days to raise yuan intraday drinks break, to become the year's first break of new shares。The same day, Yang Yuan drinks stock was the biggest decline in more than 5%, the lowest intraday 78.72 yuan / share, below the issue price 78.73 yuan / share。  It is worth noting that the performance of Yang Yuan situation is equally bleak drinks。In the January 30 release of the prospectus, Yang Yuan admitted drinks company's operating performance continued to decline in the net profit growth, the company expects 2017 revenues of 76.6.6 billion yuan?78.1.9 billion yuan, down 12 year.15%?13.87%; net twenty two.1.6 billion yuan?22.600 million yuan, down 17.53%?19.14%。  Reporters learned that Yang Yuan drinks results in mid-2015 reached 91.After the peak of $ 1.7 billion, it began to decline in 2016 revenues of 8.9 billion yuan, down 2 year.38%, while net profit also suffered a decline。  The reasons for the decline in performance, Yang Yuan drinks interpreted as vegetable protein beverage market competition intensified, and because Spring Festival delayed, affecting the peak season sales leads。But GF Securities research report released show: "After 2014, the lack of innovation is included Yang Yuan drinks, including non-soy beverage market is the main reason for the decline。"Xuxiong Jun said:" The industry slowdown, increased competition is one reason for the decline in performance of the two companies。But more important is the brand too single category decline, leading to the decline of the brand。"And for the continuous decline in performance, Chengde Lolo and Yang Yuan began drinks were adjusted。According to Chengde Lolo announcement, the company increased marketing expenses, cost of sales increased in the second quarter of 2017 and the third quarter, more than 50%。While in January this year, Chengdelulu launch Lulu almond milk hot drink, breakfast in order to enter the market。Yang Yuan drinks is also active in "market development and marketing network construction project" and "Hengshui headquarters of 200,000 tons of nutritional plant protein drinks Project"。But Zhu Dan Peng said: "The core issue raised yuan and Chengde Lolo drink product upgrades and innovation are still not well。Only for brand marketing to increase investment, efforts on the packaging, it is difficult to obtain recognition of the consumer side。In many cottage products, industry competition, the long-term plan is to do research and innovation。"Related reports